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Five Essential Steps to a Bike Accident Insurance Claim

Bike Accident Insurance Claims

Your life can change in a heartbeat when you’re involved in a bicycle accident. The initial impact can result in a range of injuries, from contusions and broken bones to head trauma and internal injuries. It’s likely that you’ll experience additional pain and suffering as you recover. You may also require medical treatment for rehabilitation. Plus, you may be out of work if your injuries prevent you from returning to your job. Ohio law does allow you to recover compensation for your losses from the person responsible for the incident. However, your success depends upon retaining an experienced bicycle accident attorney. You should contact someone as soon as possible. Your lawyer can guide you through these five steps to filing an insurance claim.

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1. Seek Proper Medical Treatment

If you received medical care right after the accident, make sure to follow up and continue with necessary rehabilitation. If you did not receive treatment, see a doctor right away. Failure to seek proper medical treatment on a timely basis may weaken your insurance claim for medical costs and pain and suffering.

2. Gather Relevant Records

When filing a claim for bicycle accident injuries, you must support your position with appropriate documents. Collect all medical records showing the diagnosis, treatments, prescribed medications, and any documents showing your medical prognosis. In addition, if you missed work, be prepared to provide your payroll information for lost wages.

3. Document the Accident Circumstances

As soon as possible after the incident, write down your recollection of all circumstances surrounding your bike accident. Include details like the weather conditions, where you were going, a physical description of the scene, and what factors may have led up to the collision. Don’t provide this written information in your insurance claim, but give it to your attorney. Your recollection may fade over time, and this document can help refresh your memory if necessary.

4. File Your Bike Accident Insurance Claim

Every company is different, but insurers generally have a process for filing a claim through forms and supporting paperwork. Your attorney will include a demand letter indicating the amount you would be willing to accept to settle the case out of court.

5. Review the Insurer’s Response – and Respond as Necessary

Once the insurance company receives your claim, an adjuster will process it internally and respond. You may receive a denial in full or in part, and the response may include a counter offer. If you’re unable to resolve your claim, then it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. You must do so within two years from the date of the accident under Ohio’s statute of limitations.

Discuss Your Bike Accident Insurance Claim With a Qualified Attorney

Under Ohio law, you do have the right to recover compensation for your losses in a bicycle accident, but filing a bike accident insurance claim is complex. Plus, you’ll be working with an insurance representative that’s focused on the company’s bottom line – not your best interests. You need a dedicated, experienced attorney that will aggressively pursue your rights to the compensation you deserve. At Tittle & Perlmuter, our bike accident attorneys have extensive legal knowledge and years of experience representing victims like you. Please contact our office at 216-242-1361 or directly online for a free case evaluation.