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Premature Delivery Lawyers

Ideally, babies remain inside the womb for the full nine-month term. However, various situations may arise that lead to a child emerging early. These are usually risks to the mother or child that cause premature labor. In other circumstances, a doctor decides a child must be born immediately.

Sadly, a premature birth can often lead to significant health problems for a child. If doctors do not take proper care to provide adequate treatment, these health complications can become permanent or even lead to death. A premature delivery injury lawyer may be able to help you pursue a medical malpractice case against a negligent doctor. If medical care during an early delivery was so poor as to cause a worsening of your child’s condition, all liable medical professionals may be responsible. A birth injury attorney could help you understand your legal options.

baby after a premature delivery

Risks Associated with Premature Delivery

Various factors may cause a woman’s body to attempt to deliver the child early, or a doctor may feel that intervention is necessary. The Mayo Clinic defines a premature birth as one that occurs no later than the 36th week of pregnancy. In most examples, this happens between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. A child being born prematurely comes with a collection of risks. The most common is that the child is not yet at a safe weight or size. In addition, their internal organs may not yet be fully developed.

Finally, the birth itself may be complex. The child may not have the proper bone structure to survive the traumas associated with delivery. They may also not be able to breathe properly upon entering the world. Medical providers must deal with potential complications while assisting a mother with a premature birth. An early delivery injury attorney can provide a complete analysis of the facts that led to an early birth and evaluate the actions of medical professionals during these events.

Connecting a Premature Delivery Injury to a Medical Malpractice Case

All doctors and medical professionals have an obligation under the law to provide competent care. During a birth, this applies to both children and their mothers. However, just because a mother or child endures an injury or has a less-than-ideal experience does not mean that malpractice has happened.

State law defines malpractice as an inability to provide care appropriate to the relevant medical standard. This evaluates the condition of the patient as well as established medical practices to determine if poor care took place. A lawyer could help demonstrate this concept as applied to premature birth cases. They can evaluate what the doctors knew and when they knew it. They can also examine the steps doctors took once they made a diagnosis.

Crucially, legal counsel could make these determinations quickly. Ohio Revised Code § 2305.113 says that the victims of medical malpractice may only demand compensation if they act within one year of the treatment. A legal representative understands this timeline and could build a claim on time.

Contact a Premature Delivery Injury Attorney Now

Every medical provider has an obligation under the law to provide competent care. This does not mean that they must guarantee a beneficial result. It simply means they must act appropriately toward seeking the best possible outcome for their patients. Failures to do so are the definition of medical malpractice, and impacted people can demand fair compensation for their losses.

A premature delivery injury lawyer could help you to seek these payments. They could fully explain the legal concept of malpractice and determine if the initial facts concerning an injury due to a premature delivery justify pursuing the case. If so, they can work to locate and hire the experts needed to prove your claim and show how the event has changed your life. Contact Tittle & Perlmuter now to consult about filing a suit.