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The month of September is full of events devoted to infant and child safety. The American Society for the Positive Care of Children...
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Cleveland, Ohio, is already known as one of America’s most segregated cities. As recently as 2018, the Anti-Discrimination Center found that, while the...
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Military personnel can now sue the federal government for medical malpractice, thanks to the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The Act, which President...
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Workers in the “gig economy,” including Uber and Lyft drivers, have been agitating for better working conditions, as well as speaking out against...
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On July 27, 2020, a federal district court judge struck a major blow against 3M, the company that manufactured military earplugs used by...
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On July 23rd, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine imposed a statewide mask mandate, which requires all people age ten and over to wear masks...
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From Mary Kay to Amway, many MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies are household names. However, as the list of companies that follow the MLM...
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When does medical malpractice cross the line into murder? A jury in Ohio will grapple with that question in the case of William...
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Step aside, COVID-19. This summer’s news headlines have been dominated by the police killings of several unarmed black men, including George Floyd and...
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Earlier this week, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill that prevents plaintiffs who file personal injury or medical malpractice suits against health...
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