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Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers

Delivery truck drivers have a legal duty to drive safely for the protection of everyone on the road. When they fail to meet that duty, they can face liability for their actions if they cause an accident that results in injuries. If you or a family member was involved in a delivery truck accident, you might want to get advice from a personal injury attorney about your potential options.

An experienced truck accident lawyer could assess the circumstances that led to your injuries and determine whether you have any avenues of legal recourse. You might be able to seek compensation for your losses from various parties and hold them accountable for their careless actions.

Delivery Trucks Are Becoming More Common

Delivery trucks are an increasingly common sight on local roads and highways. Delivery drivers are often on tight schedules that require them to deliver a high volume of packages within strict deadlines. These job requirements can make traffic violations and accidents a more common phenomenon.

Many commercial carriers use delivery trucks, such as FedEx and UPS. The U.S. Post Office also uses trucks to deliver mail and packages. Many private businesses also use delivery trucks and vans to provide various goods and services, including restaurants, pizza places, repair companies, lumber yards, and home improvement stores. The constant use of these vehicles inevitably results in delivery truck accidents with cars and other passenger or commercial vehicles.

Various persons and entities can be responsible for delivery truck accidents that cause injuries to others. Truck drivers may be liable for committing traffic offenses or taking other negligent actions that cause accidents. Many delivery truck drivers are employees of companies, and those companies could also be held responsible for their drivers.

Frequent Delivery Truck Accidents

As part of their job, delivery drivers frequently stop and start their vehicles. When done without proper warning, this practice can lead to accidents. Likewise, delivery trucks may be in a hurry to get to their destinations or finish deliveries, which can lead to traffic violations and accidents.

Delivery trucks are much larger and heavier than most passenger vehicles, especially when loaded with goods, packages, or tools. As a result, these accidents can be catastrophic for occupants of passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. These individuals might sustain significant injuries that leave them permanently impaired and unable to work.

Victims could suffer injuries that range from broken bones to spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injuries. Some people may recover, but others may experience substantial and permanent modifications to their former way of life. Victims of accidents involving delivery trucks may have significant economic losses as a result of their injuries, at least some of which they might be able to recoup through personal injury claims.

Statute of Limitations for Delivery Truck Accident Claims

Under Ohio Rev. Code § 2305.10, victims of delivery truck accidents have a limited timeframe for filing personal injury claims. They have two years from the date of the accident to file their lawsuits against all potentially liable parties. If they fail to bring their claims within this statute of limitations, they will likely lose their ability to recover compensation for their losses.

This time limit on the ability to file personal injury claims makes it crucial to timely consult legal counsel. By enlisting legal assistance quickly following an accident, individuals are likely to be in a better position to exercise their rights and assert their claims.

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Recover Damages from Delivery Truck Accidents

The aftermath of a devastating delivery truck accident can be confusing and overwhelming. Contacting an attorney following delivery truck accidents may not be foremost in your mind. However, to meet the requisite statute of limitations, you must act quickly to protect your right to compensation.

The medical bills, lost wages, and other costs of catastrophic injuries stemming from a delivery truck wreck can be substantial. Call Tittle & Perlmuter today to see if you have a claim.