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Car Accident Head Injury Symptoms You May Overlook

Seek Medical Treatment

You may have heard that you should always seek medical treatment following a car accident. If you’re feeling fine, you may want to ignore that advice, but you shouldn’t. You could actually have a head injury and not know it. That’s because there are many symptoms that signal a head injury, but you may not make the correlation—until it’s too late.

Don’t overlook the less commonly-known symptoms of a head injury. If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing any of these signs, see a doctor right away.

woman with a head injury after a car accident

Neck Pain

Many car accident victims experience whiplash from the impact of the crash. This type of neck pain often comes on within hours following a crash. While you may associate this with soft tissue damage, it could actually signal a head injury.

Balance Issues

You might not notice this right away if you were never a graceful person. However, if you suddenly find it difficult to walk and find yourself tripping or running into objects on a daily basis, you may have a brain injury. If stairs or uneven terrain cause you to fall, it’s time to see a doctor.

Memory Issues

If you used to remember everything and suddenly find yourself struggling to remember names, phone numbers, important life events or things you just read, you may have a brain injury. This often goes overlooked because most people struggle with forgetfulness from time to time.

However, if your memory issues are becoming more and more frequent, you may be diagnosed as a form of amnesia. Get it treated as soon as possible before it progresses.

Excessive Tiredness/Fatigue

This symptom is commonly overlooked because in our busy world, who hasn’t felt overly exhausted from time to time? However, if you’re suddenly feeling extra tired for no apparent reason, head trauma could be to blame. As a result of the fatigue—or the brain injury—you could also experience frustration, irritability, impatience, dizziness and depression. See a doctor to get a brain injury confirmed or ruled out.

Sudden Lack of Organization

You may not notice anything different if you’ve always been on the disorderly side. However, if you used to alphabetize everything and keep your home so neat, and now can’t seem to get rid of the clutter and mess, you may actually have a head injury.

You may also struggle with maintaining focus. If you used to multi-task like crazy and now get distracted with just one task on your plate, your problems are likely attributed to brain trauma from the accident.

Trust Your Case to an Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Head injuries can cause significant damages, so it’s important to identify them early on. You need to hold the negligent party liable so you can obtain sufficient financial compensation to pay for all your expenses.

If you have suffered a head injury in a car accident, call the personal injury attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter. We are committed to each client and will look out for your best interests. For a consultation, contact our law firm today at (216) 242-1361.