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Traffic Laws in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles have a number of differences with other vehicles, but this does not grant them permission to avoid the rules. Whether or not a motorcyclist obeyed the traffic laws could play a large part in motorcycle accident cases that result in an injury. It is important to know the laws when you go out on the road so that your actions are predictable to others and you can avoid a serious accident. An experienced motorcycle wreck attorney could assist you in any case where you sustained injuries while riding a motorbike.

Regular Traffic Laws Apply to Motorcycles

Traffic laws apply to motorcyclists the same way as they do to anyone else on the road. They must obey the same rules for traffic lights, stop signs, merging, and speed limits, among others. State law also allows two motorcycles to ride abreast in one lane, provided there is enough room to do so safely.

Bikers can be cited for lane splitting – that is, riding in between other cars that are parked or moving slowly along a road. Despite their smaller stature, they must be treated like any other motor vehicle they share the road with.

traffic laws in motorcycle accidents

What Happens When a Motorcyclist is Partially at Fault?

It is important for all riders to follow the laws so they are not considered to be at fault in a crash. If the jury determines that a claimant was more than 50 percent responsible for their crash, the court may bar them recovering any damages. If an injured party was less than 50 percent responsible, the court may reduce the final damages award by their percentage of fault. For example, if a jury determines a motorcycle rider was 25 percent at fault for the crash, then they will only receive 75 percent of their damages.

It is important for motorcycle users to keep up to date about any new laws that are enacted so they can protect themselves physically and legally. Tittle & Perlmuter periodically updates their blog with news about recently-enacted laws or those under consideration.

What is the Recommended Lane Positioning for a Motorcyclist?

Motorcyclists should position themselves on the road as if they were another car. If they are on a highway, they should pass on the left. If they are traveling at a lower rate of speed, they should stay in the right-hand lane. While there are no traffic laws that state a mandatory lane position, motorcyclists should position themselves for optimal visibility, extra space, and a potential escape route if necessary.

The best way to determine if someone is riding in a driver’s blind spot is: if they cannot see the driver in their side-view mirror, then the driver likely cannot see them either. It is important to note that extra consideration should be given when riding behind or next to large semi-trucks.

An Attorney Could Discuss the Traffic Laws and How they Apply to Motorcycle Accidents

Even when every motorist obeys all traffic laws, motorcycle accidents can still happen. However, you can greatly reduce the chance of one occurring if you follow all rules of the road and take appropriate safety measures. If you were recently in an accident, you might be entitled to monetary relief. Call a dedicated attorney today to learn if you have a case for damages.