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Safety Measures in Motorcycle Accidents

Those who decide to ride a motorcycle should take extra safety precautions than those who drive in a car, truck, or bus. The lack of a protective metal frame means motorcyclists are exposed to the elements and to any crash that might occur. However, there are numerous safety measures these individuals can take to prevent motorcycle accidents. A quality motorcycle wreck attorney could advise you on the best safety practices and be your advocate if you plan to file a claim against the party that caused your accident.

safety measures in motorcycle accidents

What Safety Measures Should Motorcyclists Take?

The best safety measure a motorcyclist can take is wearing a helmet. Helmets are only required if the rider is under the age of 18 but it is common sense to wear one regardless. Additionally, these individuals must make sure that their tires have proper air pressure and that all of their lights, horns, turn signals, and other devices on their bike are working properly. If riding at night or in thick fog, it is wise to wear reflective clothing to be more easily visible. Riders should utilize the lights or turn signals on their motorcycles when trying to turn instead of using hand signals to avoid removing their hands from the handlebars.

In addition, riders should take note of what kind of engine their bike contains. The bigger the engine is, the faster a bike can go. Individuals should have proper training for a bike at that speed before taking it out for a ride. Other drivers on the road need to take the time to look both ways, as well as in their blind spots, to make sure no motorcycles are approaching before they turn or change lanes.

“Putting the Bike Down”

One technique someone could use to avoid the crashes is what is referred to as “putting the bike down.” In this technique, the rider leans back on the bike and slides along the road with the bike out in front of them as a shield. While this presents its own danger, it is preferable to a head-on crash. It is also difficult and dangerous to practice but could be a life-saving technique in certain situations.

Preparing for Bad Weather

It is a smart idea to wear goggles and other protective gear when riding in heavy wind or rain, to protect from flying debris. Wearing proper gloves and boots may also keep the water off and prevent a rider from becoming distracted.

When determining liability for injuries, the court judges the motorcyclist against what another driver would do under the same or similar circumstances. For instance, if there is a lot of standing water on the road, the rider should slow down. However, if they failed to do this, they may be liable for their accident because slowing down is what any other rider would do.

Staying Safe Following an Accident

The most important thing to do after a crash is get medical treatment. After that, injured parties should file a police report but avoid talking to any insurance companies to prevent giving away information that could later be used against them. Injured motorcyclists should also acquire the personal and insurance information of the person who hit them in a non-confrontational manner.

It is always good practice for a rider to carry their license and insurance information on them. Beyond that, they should have a list of emergency contacts, medications, and medical conditions in the event that they need to receive treatment.

Is it a Good Idea for a Rider to Have a Camera Recording?

Having a video camera attached to the bike or helmet can be a double-edged sword: it can definitively prove that someone else caused the accident or it could definitively prove that the rider was at fault. Either way, cameras can help establish basic facts about the case that do not have to be proven with other evidence.

Learn About Safety Measures in Motorcycle Accidents from an Attorney

Implementing effective safety measures not only increases the chance of survival in a motorcycle accident, but they also may reduce the chance that you will be deemed partially liable for your crash. A local lawyer from Tittle & Perlmuter could analyze your specific case and determine what your options are for seeking financial relief. Call today to learn more.