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Placental Abruption Lawyer

The placenta is a child’s source of nutrients and oxygen while in the mother’s womb. If that placenta becomes detached from the mother, a child will not be able to receive oxygen and food. A placental abruption is the medical term for this detachment. It represents a severe risk to the health of both the child and the mother.

Medical providers must quickly diagnose this condition and provide proper treatment. Failure to do so could lead to devastating injuries for the child and the mother. A Cleveland placental abruption lawyer could help connect injuries to a doctor’s failures. When these failures amount to medical malpractice, a birth injury attorney is ready to seek the compensation children and parents deserve.

surgical team trying to avoid placental abruption during child birth

Possible Complications Resulting from Placental Abruptions

The exact causes of a placenta detaching from a woman’s uterus are not always clear, but the potential causes include trauma to a woman’s abdomen. Regardless of the reasons for an abruption, the situation is always severe. According to information from the Mayo Clinic, placental abruption can cause severe shock to both a mother and child. Mothers may experience complications due to blood loss or organ failure. Infants may experience restricted growth while still in the womb, a loss of oxygen, premature birth, or even stillbirth.

Doctors must promptly diagnose and treat a placental abruption. Diagnosis includes listening to a woman’s complaints and ordering proper tests. Treatments may include life-saving surgery. A placental abruption attorney in Cleveland could provide further information about this condition and the steps doctors should take to limit the potential damage.

Failing to Provide Proper Care During Placental Abruption May be an Example of Medical Malpractice

The fact that a mother develops a placental abruption is unlikely to indicate that medical malpractice has occurred. Instead, these cases revolve around the idea that a doctor did not take proper steps to diagnose and treat the condition.

State law says that all medical providers have a duty under the law to provide their patients with appropriate care. This means following proper medical procedures and performing treatment to the best of their ability. Sadly, failures to provide this care in the event of a placental abruption are common.

Doctors who fail to diagnose or treat these conditions properly are responsible for any resulting injuries. This may affect both children and mothers. The victims can demand compensation for the costs of any additional needed medical care. They may also pursue compensation for reductions in their quality of life or untimely death. A placental abruption lawyer works to place an accurate value on cases and demands appropriate reimbursement on behalf of victims in Cleveland.

Another crucial thing to remember about these cases is the time limit. State law under Ohio Revised Code § 2305.113indicates that victims of medical malpractice may have only one year from the date of treatment to seek compensation in court. Retaining a legal representative now allows them to provide immediate support to a claim.

Reach Out to a Placental Abruption Attorney Today

Placental abruptions are serious medical conditions that can have a devastating impact on mothers and unborn infants. The resulting loss of oxygen can severely damage a child or even result in a stillbirth. Mothers may also experience harsh injuries in the form of blood loss and organ damage.

If the treatment you received after a placental abruption did not minimize this damage, medical malpractice may have occurred. A placental abruption lawyer could help evaluate a doctor’s actions during the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. If it failed to meet the relevant professional standard, they could pursue cases for all appropriate compensation. Call Tittle & Perlmuter to discuss your legal options.