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Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicyclists enjoy the same protections under the law as all other motorists. This includes protections from the reckless driving of other parties as well as the ability to demand compensation following an injury that is not their fault.

If a negligent driver hit you while you were on a bike, the bicycle accident lawyers at Tittle & Perlmuter could help. Our personal injury attorneys could help injured bicyclists pursue compensation and work to handle all the details involved in investigating a case and measuring an individual’s losses.

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Common Types and Causes of Bicycle Crashes

The bike accident lawyers at Tittle & Perlmuter have handled numerous bicycle crash cases in the area. We understand what steps to take to safeguard a claimant’s rights and achieve maximum recovery for their injuries. We handle many types of accident cases, such as:

bicycle accident

What is a Motorist’s Duty of Care?

All drivers who get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle assume a duty of care to operate their car responsibly and to follow all traffic regulations. Motorists owe this duty of care to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bikers.

Defendant drivers may violate this duty in many ways. The most common is through distracted or careless driving. If a driver chooses to use their cellphone or take their eyes off of the road while behind the wheel, this may make those motorists responsible for a collision with a bike rider.

How is Fault Determined in Auto-Bike Collisions?

Although a motorist may have breached their duty of care and caused an accident, they may not be completely liable. In these claims, an injured bicyclist must prove the negligent driver is at fault for their accident. However, under Ohio Revised Code §2315.33, courts must evaluate the negligence of all involved parties in a case.

If a court believes that a cyclist is more than 51 percent to blame for a collision, this person may not be able to receive compensation. An experienced lawyer could review a bicycle accident case and help a claimant fight for compensation even if they are partially at fault.

How Can Tittle & Perlmuter Help Those Injured in Bicycle Wrecks

When Tittle & Perlmuter takes on a case, we investigate thoroughly. This includes:

Our lawyers have the experience to protect an injured party’s rights in a bike accident case. We worry about the details of a case so that an injured person can focus on getting better.

The Aftermath of a Bike Wreck

Collisions between bikes and motor vehicles can be serious incidents that may result in life-altering consequences. At the center of these claims are physical injuries that require substantial medical treatment. Some common physical injuries that may occur to a cyclist in a crash include:

In these situations, a negligent defendant may be liable to provide compensation that pays for the costs of all necessary medical care. This includes reimbursement for past care as well as estimated payments for future medical needs.

Some bicyclists also may suffer emotional traumas following collisions. If a cyclist is hesitant to get back on their bike or experiences PTSD, a defendant may be liable to provide compensation for this lost quality of life. Additionally, injured bicyclists may have to miss work to seek treatment or recover. When this occurs, an at-fault party may have to compensate this individual for their lost wages. An attorney could help someone deal with their legal challenges following a bicycle accident.

Reach Out to a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Drivers who cause bike accidents through their carelessness or by violating a traffic law should be held responsible for any resulting damage. A bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue an effective case. They could explain your rights, gather evidence that shows how a defendant violated those rights, and demand appropriate compensation.

We could listen to the facts of your case and advise on the best course of action. Call our office today for a free consultation.