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Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents

Commercial truck drivers can be prone to fatigued driving due to their hectic schedules and long hours. This condition makes it far more likely that these drivers will cause collisions with other vehicles, which may lead to catastrophic injuries. Truck accidents may be particularly devastating for the occupants of much smaller, lighter passenger vehicles.

When truck driver fatigue results in an accident, victims should seek advice and guidance from experienced legal counsel. A nearby truck accident attorney could help victims explore whether they have any legal claims against the fatigued driver or other parties.

Drowsy Driving Crash Claims

Drowsy or fatigued driving can happen in various situations. Truck drivers may be trying to meet the confines of a hectic schedule or avoid sleep to save time. Other drivers may work night shifts or longer hours that leave them too exhausted to drive safely.

Overly tired drivers often exhibit impaired judgment and reaction times. Like intoxication or distractions, extreme fatigue can lead to traffic violations or other missteps that directly cause accidents.

Eligible injury victims could use the personal injury claims process to hold negligent truck drivers accountable for their actions. In some cases, parties other than the truck operator may share liability for the accident, such as the driver’s employer or the trucking company. Bringing a personal injury suit against responsible parties could help prevent such negligence in the future.

Negligence in Fatigued Driver Collisions

All truck drivers on local roadways must follow traffic laws for their safety and the safety of others. When drivers fail to live up to those duties and commit traffic violations or other careless acts, they may bear financial responsibility for any accidents they cause. In many situations, driving while fatigued or falling asleep at the wheel is an act of negligence that can trigger this liability.

If the negligent act leads directly to an accident in which others suffer harm, those victims have the right to pursue a legal claim for personal injuries against the negligent driver. This legal right allows injured parties to hold others accountable for harming them, as well as seek compensation for their losses, both economic and non-economic. In cases involving severe and permanent injuries, negligent drivers could be liable for more significant amounts of damages.

Statutes of Limitations and Drowsy Driver Claims

Ohio Rev. Code § 2305.10 allows parties who sustain injuries in accidents due to negligence, including truck driver fatigue, up to two years to file their claims. After two years have passed from the date of the truck accident, injury victims lose their right to bring a case, subject to some exceptions. For instance, minors have a lengthier period under state law to file their claims if they suffer harm in a vehicular accident.

The statute of limitations that is relevant to drowsy driver accidents makes it essential for injury victims to consult truck wreck attorneys about their rights as quickly as possible. Taking this step allows them to protect their rights to any legal claims arising from the crash.

Seeking Compensation in Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents

Whether you are a driver or passenger, you have the right to expect other motorists to drive safely and responsibly. Fatigued truck drivers who cause accidents could be held liable for any resulting injuries. If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries or losses in this type of accident, damages could be available.

Seeking sound legal advice in this situation can help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve from the responsible parties. Call truck wreck lawyers, Tittle & Perlmuter today to see if you have a case.