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Delayed Diagnosis Lawyers

Whenever we visit a doctor or dentist, we expect these professionals to provide an accurate diagnosis and help us receive the prompt care we need. Sadly, this is not always the case. Doctors may miss the signs of a progressing disease or fail to recognize emergency situations that lead to more serious conditions. Even specialists may fail to quickly diagnose a condition and recommend a course of treatment.

If you suspect that a doctor failed to provide a prompt diagnosis of your condition, a seasoned attorney could help investigate for potential malpractice. An Ohio delayed diagnosis lawyer could help hold the healthcare provider accountable if the delay led to worsening a condition or the onset of a new disease. 

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Consulting with a lawyer today allows them to provide a free initial case evaluation and explain your legal rights. If your case has merit, our team at Tittle & Perlmuter is prepared to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Obligation to Provide a Prompt Diagnosis

All medical providers have an obligation to provide care to their patients that meets the relevant standard for their profession. This generally means treating each patient as a reasonably skilled peer would, given the circumstances. A failure to provide this care that results in an injury is an example of medical malpractice.

In evaluating a failure to provide a prompt diagnosis, we must examine the doctor’s actions on a case-by-case basis. Suppose a patient goes to a family doctor complaining of consistent chest pain. In that case, that doctor might need to order an immediate chest x-ray and refer that patient to a cardiologist. However, if the patient is experiencing these symptoms and does not speak up, it is not reasonable to expect the doctor to order diagnostic work.

A delayed diagnosis attorney is ready to provide more information about prompt recognition of conditions as it applies to medical malpractice cases. An attorney listens to a patient’s story to provide an initial case evaluation and determine if further legal action is necessary.

Demanding Compensation on Behalf of Affected Patients

The goal of any medical malpractice case is to obtain the compensation a patient needs to make things better. Delayed diagnosis claims are no exception. One way in which a lawyer may be able to help is by measuring the losses stemming from a late diagnosis.

The most obvious impact of these cases is the economic harm caused by a delayed diagnosis. This can result in the worsening of a condition that necessitates additional treatment. Doctors that commit malpractice by failing to promptly diagnose a condition must provide compensation for these additional costs.

People in these situations may also suffer emotional harm connected to the incident. They may experience significant pain and suffering due to their worsened conditions. However, it is important to note that Ohio Revised Code § 2323.43 limits compensation for non-economic losses in medical malpractice cases to $250,000 or three times a patient’s financial losses, whichever is greater. A delayed diagnosis lawyer in the area could provide more information on the damages to which a patient may be entitled.

Reach Out to a Cleveland Delayed Diagnosis Attorney Now

Delays in the diagnosis of any medical condition can come with severe consequences. In many situations, late treatment is less effective. A delayed diagnosis can also result in the spreading of severe diseases to other parts of the body. A doctor who fails to make a timely diagnosis may be responsible for all the resulting damage.

A delayed diagnosis lawyer is here to help protect your legal rights after a costly medical error. At Tittle & Perlmuter, we can work to explain the laws that control your case, evaluate how the event has impacted your life, and demand proper payments with the help of qualified experts. Contact us now to make your appointment for a free consultation.