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Tittle & Perlmuter, a local personal injury law firm is proud to represent clients in Chardon and surrounding areas. Our Chardon office is conveniently located near Chardon Square at 100 Center St Suite 150, Chardon, OH 44024. Free parking is available in the lot directly behind the building.

Whether you need legal help due to a serious personal injury, or from the result of medical negligence, Tittle & Perlmuter is available to help residents of Chardon, OH, obtain the compensation needed to help get their lives back on track.

If you have been injured or if you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact Tittle & Perlmuter today for a FREE initial personal injury consultation.

A severe injury could dramatically upend your life. It could prevent you from earning a living and result in significant medical debt. While dealing with these consequences is never easy, having your injury occur due to the negligence of another person only adds to the frustration. Fortunately, our seasoned injury attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter could help you hold the person that caused your losses legally responsible.

If you suffered an injury because of another person’s reckless actions, you are entitled to seek monetary compensation. Filing a lawsuit may seem overwhelming on your own, but experienced legal counsel could simplify the litigation process. Working with a Chardon personal injury lawyer could provide you with the legal advocacy you need to recover damages for your losses.

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What Situations Lead to a Viable Personal Injury Claims in Chardon?

The knowledgeable attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter have experience handling many different types of personal injury cases. Some of the most common Chardon civil cases we deal with include:

Injuries that May Result in Compensation

In Chardon, not all injuries and damages lead to a viable civil claim for monetary compensation. In some cases, an injury could be so minor that pursuing legal action is not worth it. Successful personal injury claims typically involve significant injuries that are caused by the negligent acts of another person. In some cases, these injuries could have lasting effects. Some injuries that may lead to a claim for damages include:

Our team of attorneys could help an injured claimant file a personal injury case in Chardon. The type of case that someone submits may depend on the severity of their injuries as well as the cause of their accident.

Resolving a Personal Injury Claim in Chardon

In general, there are two ways a lawyer in Chardon could favorably resolve a personal injury claim. These include negotiating a settlement or obtaining a trial verdict.

Settlements are common in civil lawsuits. Often, a defendant could accept liability for an accident immediately but disagree on what an injury claim is worth. When this is the case, the negotiation process could stretch on for an extended period of time. While the parties in a lawsuit may resolve a claim long before the plaintiff files suit, other claims may remain unresolved until the day of trial. The negotiation process can be challenging but has the potential to result in a favorable outcome for many injured plaintiffs.

If a settlement is not possible, a trial verdict is likely an injured person’s best chance at recovery. While each case is different, many personal injury claims come to an end through a trial by jury. The length of a trial may depend on the severity of the injuries and the complexity of the accident.

If the plaintiff in an injury lawsuit prevails at trial, the jury determines the amount of damages this person receives. While a trial verdict could lead to compensation, the collection process can be challenging without an insurance policy in place. Because of the various complexities that may arise when resolving a civil lawsuit, it is important to hire skilled attorneys who are familiar with this area of the law.

Contact a Chardon Personal Injury Attorney

It is unfair to place the burden of a severe injury on an innocent party. The cost of treating these injuries can be steep, particularly if you are physically unable to return to work. With a successful injury claim, you may be able to shift the burden that follows a severe injury to the person who caused it.

A Chardon personal injury lawyer at Tittle & Perlmuter could help you understand your legal rights and guide through the compensation process. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.