One of the most severe and life-changing outcomes of an accident is paralysis. The permanent loss of sensation and mobility in any part of the body can leave a victim unable to perform basic self-care, hold gainful employment, or continue their daily life in the same way as before. Unfortunately, this serious condition can also come with hefty financial costs.

If you were recently paralyzed in an accident caused by another person, legal action may be warranted in recovering past and future losses. However, to hold someone else liable for an injury this severe, you may need help from a Chardon paralysis injury lawyer who is well-versed in these types of cases. At Tittle & Perlmuter, our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys could provide guidance and support to help you effectively pursue restitution for your suffering.

Causes and Effects of Paralyzing Injuries

Although paralysis commonly stems from traumatic damage to the spinal cord, it can also be caused by severe head trauma, neurological disease, or significant nerve damage due to third-degree burns or deep lacerations. This type of damage often results from car crashes, which are the most common cause of paralysis cited in injury claims. However, the following paralyzing incidents may also warrant civil litigation when caused by a negligent party:

The circumstances of the accident can affect the extent of the victim’s paralysis. For example, an injury to the lower part of the spine may result in paraplegia, or immobility of the legs and pelvis, while a similar injury closer to the neck may lead to quadriplegia, affecting the torso and all four limbs.

Additionally, certain neurological conditions may result in other forms of paralysis such as hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body but not the other) or monoplegia (paralysis of just one limb). Regardless of the specific condition, a compassionate attorney could help a paralyzed Chardon resident to pursue compensation from the party responsible for their accident.

Recovering Compensable Damages in Chardon

Perhaps the most complicated component of any immobility case is the wide scope of recoverable damages. When someone suffers an injury as catastrophic as paralysis, it has a significant, irreversible impact on their life. Most victims cannot expect to get better over time, and there is no amount of money that can restore them to their pre-accident condition.

There are various damages a dedicated attorney could help pursue in a Chardon paralysis accident case. In addition to compensating for past expenses like emergency medical bills and lost wages, a legal professional could also seek recovery for future losses the plaintiff is likely to suffer due to their condition. These damages can be economic, such as the cost of future home modifications, or non-economic, like the value of long-term emotional suffering.

Speak with a Chardon Paralysis Injury Attorney

Filing a suit over an injury as severe as paralysis is an important endeavor. While the recovery you might achieve through a successful lawsuit cannot heal you physically, it could be crucial to protecting your financial security. A successful comprehensive claim could also bring a sense of justice to those harmed in such catastrophic ways.

Retaining a skilled Chardon paralysis injury lawyer is advised to build a strong claim and maximize your chances of a positive case resolution. Schedule your initial consultation with Tittle & Perlmuter today.

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