Chardon Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling provides a useful, low-cost outlet for residents to exercise, commute, or just relax. Unfortunately, cyclists are exposed to the risk of serious injury when they share the road with automobiles.

A collision between a car and a cyclist often ends badly for a bike rider. There is little that a rider can do to protect themselves against reckless cars and trucks on roadways. When bike accidents happen, a Chardon bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help.

If you sustained injuries in a bike crash, you might have a claim for compensation against the faulty party. A dedicated injury attorney could help you pursue financial compensation from the at-fault driver.

Rules of the Road for Chardon Cyclists

Understanding the rules of the road is essential to any cyclist involved in a crash. Bike riders are bound by most of the same rules as motorists, and they enjoy the same protections under the law.

Bike riders are entitled to use most public roads outside of major highways. Cyclists should use dedicated bike lanes when possible, although these are not always available.

When a cyclist uses a roadway, they must travel near the outermost edge of the road. Motorists have the right to pass cyclists who are traveling well below the speed limit. This is true even on two-lane roads. However, a motorist must not infringe on the space of a cyclist or strike them while passing. If an accident occurs when a motorist tries to pass on the left, they could face civil liability for any injuries the cyclist suffers. An experienced attorney could assist an injured cyclist in filing a civil lawsuit and pursuing damages from a Chardon bike crash.

Comparative Negligence in a Bicycle Crash

It is not unusual for a careless motorist to be at fault in an accident with a bicycle rider. While drivers are often prepared to watch for other cars, not all of them take the time to look out for smaller bikes and their riders. Not all bicycle accidents are entirely the fault of the motorist. In some cases, the careless actions of the cyclist could play a part in causing the accident. For example, a cyclist who fails to signal a lane change could be partially at fault for causing a collision with a speeding motorist.

When this happens, the cyclist’s degree of fault will determine if they are entitled to monetary compensation. In Chardon, the doctrine of modified comparative negligence is in effect. Under this doctrine, a cyclist may only pursue compensation from the driver involved in a crash if it is determined that the driver is more than 50 percent responsible.

Cyclists who are 50 percent or less at fault for an accident can recover compensation, but the jury is required to reduce their award in proportion to their degree of fault. An attorney could argue that the Chardon motorist played a substantial role in the bike crash and that the plaintiff was not at fault.

Reach out to a Chardon Bicycle Accident Attorney Right Away

If you are injured in a bike collision caused by a negligent motorist, you could be entitled to monetary damages. Pursuing these damages on your own is a significant risk, and even one clerical error could cost you the chance of financial recovery.

A Chardon bicycle accident lawyer from Tittle & Perlmuter could assist you with your claim from start to finish. For help with maximizing your financial recovery, schedule an initial consultation right away.

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