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Rear-End Accident Lawyers

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents on Ohio roadways. Depending on the speed of the at-fault driver, and the safety precautions taken, a rear-end crash has the potential to inflict severe injuries. Consider hiring a skilled rear-end collision lawyer to advocate on your behalf and help you recoup damages for injuries. An experienced car accident attorney could investigate the cause of your accident and help you hold the negligent driver accountable for damages.

Common Causes Of Rear-End Collisions

One common cause of rear-end collisions is adverse weather. The second driver will often slide on the snow if they are going too fast. Despite hitting their brakes, they cannot stop in time, and the momentum slides their car into the vehicle in front of them.

Common Causes Of Rear-End Collisions

On the highway, traffic can come to a sudden slowdown or full stop. A driver may not be paying attention, or is unable to stop in time, causing a rear-end impact at a higher rate of speed.

Another fact pattern is drivers on their cellphones or looking at some other device. They may not realize the traffic in front of them has slowed or is at a complete stop. A skilled rear-end accident lawyer could help determine which factors contributed to the collision.

What is a Rear-End Collision?

Rear-end collisions, as defined by law, are most notably described as a “failure to keep an assured clear distance ahead.” In most cases, one vehicle is driving behind another and does not stop in time. The approaching vehicle hits the rear of the one ahead of it, potentially causing injury to people in one or both of the cars.

How is Fault Assigned in Rear-End Collision Cases?

The assumption is that the trailing car is usually at fault in a rear-end collision. When someone is at a stoplight, and they are rear-ended, there should be no argument that the person behind them is completely at fault for the accident.

There may be issues of comparative fault in rear-end collisions when there are multiple impacts – one car strikes another, which is propelled forward to strike another, and so on. There can be arguments on both sides for comparative fault in that situation, but a skilled rear-end collision lawyer could gather evidence to determine who was primarily responsible for accident.

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A local car crash attorney could obtain the police report to help prove liability. If the police came to the scene, the report should be clear that the at-fault party struck the motorist who was stopped. Liability would be apportioned to the at-fault party. The lawyer should communicate with the insurance company and provide them with the police report if they do not have one to identify liability.

Avoiding Early Settlements

It is common for the insurance adjuster to offer the injured claimant a settlement before the extent of their injuries is known. The adjuster may attempt to get the person to sign documents and offer a settlement that usually does not cover all of the injured party’s medical bills, leaving them to pay for those out of their own pocket. It is highly suggested that one does not accept a settlement before fully calculating past and future damages. It is best to hire a car accident attorney to fight to recover the full value of the damages and injuries.

Our Rear-End Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for You

Whether the car crash was a minor fender-bender or resulted in major injuries that require extensive medical calls, a compassionate Cleveland rear-end collision lawyer could guide you through the process.

From the start of the case, one of the first things a lawyer can do is send a letter of representation to the insurance company to stop any communications directly to you. The sooner you retain the services of an attorney, the quicker they can make sure that the insurance company does not do anything nefarious to attempt to push liability onto you. Additionally, the rear-end car crash attorney could prevent the insurance company from obtaining a recorded statement about the collision.

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