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Dangerous Drugs Lawyers

Consumers take medication to improve their health or at least provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of a medical condition. Unfortunately, these drugs can cause additional problems that consumers do not expect. Although a person may experience adverse side effects after taking medication for a variety of reasons, the pharmaceutical company may be liable if their negligent actions caused someone to get sick.

If you suffered adverse effects after taking medication, a dangerous drugs lawyer could determine if you have a viable claim for damages. Additionally, a personal injury attorney could protect your legal rights against a large pharmaceutical company.

Recoverable Damages in an Unsafe Drugs Claim

Defective medications can cause physical, psychological, and emotional injuries. Sometimes they even cause death. These drugs also may present various side effects. If a manufacturer knew or should have known about the harmful side effects of a drug and they did not communicate these to the FDA, there may be a liability.

Individuals who suffered losses because of dangerous drugs may be entitled to damages to make up for the harm they have sustained. While monetary awards cannot restore someone’s health, they could provide for their future needs.

A dangerous medications attorney could help recover compensation for:

Parties Who May Be Liable for Dangerous Medications

The FDA often relies on the drug manufacturer’s information to approve medications and warning labels. Like medical devices, the FDA has a few options to approve new drugs rapidly. Because these methods shorten the approval process, unsafe drugs sometimes make it through and injure or kill consumers.

As a result, many parties could be liable to pay compensation in these cases. Drugs may be made dangerous due to defects in manufacturing or packaging. They may be dispensed or labeled incorrectly by the pharmacy. Often, companies who manufacture medications know of harmful side effects but continue to market their products without adequate warnings. While these cases often result in the most severe injuries, they can be challenging to investigate and prove. A lawyer could review a unsafe drugs case and identify who the liable parties may be.

Work with an Experienced Dangerous Drugs Attorney

When someone sustains losses because of unsafe medication, the investigation to prove liability can be quite complex. Therefore, it is wise to allow as much time as possible when pursuing this type of claim. Contacting a skilled attorney soon after you become aware of the problem can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim.

Big pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable when they sell drugs that cause harm to consumers. By speaking out and bringing the problems to light, those who endured injuries can save others from suffering the same fate. For an initial case consultation and to learn more about the potential of your case, contact a seasoned dangerous drugs lawyer today.