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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

If a motorcycle accident is particularly bad, it may be difficult to know what your next move should be. You might be in shock, suffering from an injury, or at risk of being struck by oncoming traffic. It is important to know what to do after a motorcycle accident so that you and others remain safe, but also so you do not lose out on a potential claim for damages. A dedicated motorcycle crash attorney could help you decide what to do next.

what to do after a motorcycle accident

Immediate Actions After an Accident

Immediately after a motorcycle crash, there are a few things a person should do. First, if anyone at the accident scene is injured, they should seek medical attention immediately. That includes calling 911 to transport them to a hospital, if necessary. Then they should call the police and make sure the report of the accident is correct, since it could be used as evidence in a claim.

The injured party should only speak to the police and refrain from giving details to insurance companies. They should also speak to a lawyer before giving any statements to avoid accidentally giving something away that might inhibit their chance at recovery.

Before leaving the accident scene, an individual should collect the at-fault driver’s name and insurance information. After receiving medical care, they should follow their doctor’s exact instructions and continue to receive any necessary treatment or therapy. These are the most important things to do after a local motorcycle accident.

Finding an Attorney Quickly

There are several things an attorney could do early on to benefit a case. They could speak to the insurance companies involved to make a statement, as well as gather evidence to justify a settlement amount. A lawyer could ensure that medical bills are being processed correctly – such as through their health insurance and not through any medical payment coverage they may have on their own policy. An injured person will likely want to use the medical payment coverage down the road for any co-pays.

If there is no lawyer present to prevent early mistakes, those mistakes could be costly down the road and perhaps prevent a full damages award. This could include not documenting losses properly or paying the medical costs through the wrong coverage.

Documenting the Accident

Anyone who sustained injuries should have photos and descriptions of those injuries documented in their medical records. This could be used to argue for damages later. If something is not listed in the official medical record, the insurance company will usually try to argue that it either does not exist or that it was sustained from an unrelated incident.

If someone is missing work hours while recovering, they should receive documentation from their supervisor that lays out how much they missed. This could also be recoverable in a settlement or lawsuit. If their doctor stated that they cannot work, that note should also be included into evidence.

Learn What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash with Help from an Attorney

The most important thing immediately after an injury on the road is to get medical attention and call for the police to make a report. Once that is complete, a lawyer could help you get started on a potential claim. Knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident can greatly improve your odds of making a monetary recovery. Call now to discuss your options.