All lawsuits are different and Tittle & Perlmuter makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

$800,000 Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nursing Home Resident
Scott Perlmuter and Katie Harris obtained a $800,000 jury verdict for the death of a nursing home resident who was prescribed morphine for his chronic pain despite having advanced kidney disease.  Since the kidneys filter out and...
Confidential Mid-Six Figure Recovery in Employee Benefit Life Insurance Case
For twenty-five years, our client was enrolled in his employer-sponsored life insurance plan and  paid a monthly premium to obtain extra coverage for the benefit of his wife.  He fell terminally ill, and his employer and third...
$715,000 Settlement in Pension Class Action
Tittle & Perlmuter represented a class of 30 former employees of a company that failed to retain the employees' pension records.  As a result, when the employees reached retirement age, their pension claims were denied.  Through this...
$735,000 Verdict in Accounting Malpractice Case
Scott Perlmuter obtained a unanimous $735,000 jury verdict in favor of his client, a steel distributor, against its accountant.  The accountant had failed to properly advise the steel company on the handling of certain transactions that caused...
$750,000 Settlement of Bus-Pedestrian Collision
Our client was struck by a school bus while crossing the street, fracturing multiple bones in his leg, his pelvis, his shoulder blade, and a finger.
$835,000 Unpaid Overtime Settlement
Tittle & Perlmuter represent a class of 98 aides working in group homes for disabled clients.  The aides were deprived of overtime pay for off-the-clock "on-call" work.
$1,150,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Motor Vehicle Crash
Our client was tragically killed at the age of 50 in a head-on collision with a delivery truck when the driver of the truck fell asleep at the wheel.  Tittle & Perlmuter was able to recover in...
$2.5 Million Consumer Protection Settlement
The Defendant company suddenly stopped honoring a product lifetime warranty that it offered on some of its product lines after it transferred ownership and its assets unbeknownst to its customers; and therefore, no longer had to honor...
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