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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

A motorcycle crash can be one of the most disastrous types of vehicle accidents. Because a motorcyclist has little protection, a biker has a drastically higher incident of serious injuries as a result of an accident. If you are a victim of a negligent driver while riding your motorcycle, your life can be turned upside down – injuries, finances, and stress are a result. It is imperative that you contact experienced motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible after an accident. The personal injury team at Tittle & Perlmuter is ready to work for you for FREE until we WIN.

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

At Tittle & Perlmuter, our lawyers have handled motorcycle accident claims involving many different types injuries. Unfortunately, many motorcycle crashes result in devastating damage to the rider. No injury is too severe and no case is too complex for our attorneys. Some of the most common examples of these injuries include:

Common Causes of Motorcycle Wrecks

While motorcycle accidents can be caused by a number of reasons, odds are that there is one common denominator – a car. Based on statistics and our own experience with clients, it is safe to say that car or truck drivers commonly cause crashes with motorcycles. However, determining the cause of your motorcycle crash will require a thorough investigation. Common causes of motorcycle accidents that Tittle & Perlmuter has experience in handling include the following:

Motorcycle Crash Liability

Contrary to the themes in popular culture, which often unfairly stereotype motorcyclists as ‘risk-takers’, it is actually the operators of standard-sized automobiles who are more likely to be at fault for the multi-vehicle collisions that involve motorcycles. Indeed, according to the ‘Hurt Report’, a famous motorcycle accident causation study, drivers of full-sized cars are nearly three times more likely to be at fault for these types of accidents than are bikers. The reason for this is that drivers too often simply fail to notice motorcycles. They make unsafe maneuvers, not taking into account the presence of bikes.

How Do I Recover Damages for a Motorcycle Accident?

Negligent drivers must be held liable for their misconduct. Ohio is an ‘at fault’ motor vehicle accident state. As such, you must prove that your crash was caused by the improper conduct of another party in order to hold that party legally liable for your damages. In many cases, drivers will refuse to admit fault, or will try to cast aspersions on the victim. You need to consult with legal counsel, if fault is disputed in your case.

Notably, Ohio is a comparative negligence jurisdiction (Ohio Revised Code § 2315.33). As a result, multiple parties can split the blame for one accident. In these cases, financial responsibility is divided in accordance to each driver’s level of fault. This could have very important implications for your motorcycle accident injury claim. If you get unfairly blamed for part or all of your crash, it could take thousands out of your settlement check, or even result in you losing the ability to file a viable claim at all.

Under Ohio state law, injured motorcyclists have a legal right to seek full and fair financial compensation from the at-fault party. Large insurance carriers defend an overwhelming majority of cases of motorcycle wreck injury claims. The opposing insurance company may decide to fight liability in your case, attempting to deny your claim outright.

What Compensation is Available to Injured Motorcyclists?

Even if the opposing insurer accepts liability, it does not mean it will be easy to get fair financial compensation. Insurance adjusters work aggressively to try to reduce the value of settlement offers. Our lawyers know all of the tricks the insurance companies use when trying to settle a motorcycle crash claim. We have the requisite skills and legal knowledge to help injured riders maximize their financial compensation. Our law firm may be able to help you obtain financial relief for:

Wrongful Death Motorcycle Crash Attorneys

If a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident and was killed, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. In wrongful death cases, there are strict time limits regarding the filing of the lawsuit. At Tittle & Perlmuter, we understand the stress, hardship, and sorrow a death to a loved one as a result of the negligence of another can cause – and we have the experienced wrongful death lawyers, who understand the laws extensively, and will work tirelessly to fight for the justice you and your family deserves.

Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

With our experience, Tittle & Perlmuter is armed with the tools to fight for justice for injured bikers as a result of a negligent driver. However, because there is a strict statute of limitations applicable to each case, you should contact an experienced motorcycle attorney as soon as possible. When you work with Tittle & Perlmuter, you’ll get excellent service and dedicated legal representation. Hiring a top attorney can help put order into your life and put your pain and stress in the past. Give us a call NOW – it will cost you nothing to have your potential claim evaluated. We welcome the opportunity to hear your story.

Don’t wait to act! The more time passes between the crash and filing your lawsuit, the less likely we are to be able to fight and win. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will take care of everything for you from the very first moment you pick up the phone and call us, educating you about case strategy and the process we will take together, while we do everything in our power to earn you the maximum compensation you deserve. We hope you can see the passion and expertise in our words on this page to make you want to call us now. There is NO FEE until we WIN so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by grabbing your phone and calling us now!