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Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers

Cancer is a life-changing and often fatal disease. However, those who receive a timely and accurate diagnosis have the best chances of making a full recovery. As a result, any delay in a diagnosis could have severe consequences for your health. In some instances, these delays may amount to medical malpractice.

Work with an Ohio cancer misdiagnosis lawyer to protect your legal rights. At Tittle & Perlmuter, a skilled attorney could explain the state’s definition of malpractice, hire the experts needed to prove your case, and demand the compensation you need to bring comfort and stability back into your life.

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Why a Missed Diagnosis May be an Example of Medical Malpractice

All medical providers have an obligation to provide competent care to patients. This does not mean that a visit to a doctor must have a happy result, but it does mean that doctors must give patients the best possible care. More specifically, doctors must provide the same care that a reasonably skilled peer would for a patient, given the circumstances.

As applied to cancer cases, this includes:

An error in any of these processes may result in a misdiagnosis or delay that significantly reduces a patient’s chances of a positive outcome. A cancer misdiagnosis attorney could provide more information about the concept of medical malpractice under state law and help evaluate a patient’s case.

Demanding Fair Compensation for a Cancer Diagnosis Error

It can be difficult to fully understand how a missed cancer diagnosis can affect a patient. At the very least, a delay in diagnosis can allow cancer to worsen. This can require more intensive treatment that has a greater impact on a person’s finances and quality of life. The resulting medical bills and emotional traumas from this experience form the basis of a demand for compensation.

A cancer misdiagnosis lawyer at our firm works to place an accurate value on these medical malpractice cases. This involves obtaining medical bills and records and understanding how the event has impacted a person’s quality of life. It also involves pursuing compensation within the state’s rules for payment.

For example, Ohio Revised Code § 2323.43 says that payments for non-economic harm related to medical malpractice can never exceed $250,000 or three times the economic damage in a case, whichever is greater. Additionally, Ohio Rev. Code § 2305.113 establishes a one-year deadline after learning of a missed diagnosis for a patient to demand compensation. Talking with a Cleveland attorney today gives them the best chance of providing effective legal help for cancer misdiagnosis cases.

Consult a Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Receiving a timely and accurate cancer diagnosis is a significant factor in determining whether you can make a full recovery. Sadly, family doctors and oncologists can make errors that lead to delays in treatment. This can increase the severity of your condition and cause other serious consequences.

A cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could help you pursue a medical malpractice case against providers who failed to properly recognize your condition. Our legal team is here to explain the relevant legal concepts, hire experts needed to demonstrate your claim, measure the impact of this event on your life, and seek fair payments in and out of court. Call Tittle & Perlmuter now for a free consultation and to learn more.