Every worker deserves an honest wage for their hard work. State and federal law sets a minimum hourly wage employers must pay, but not all of them abide by it. If you are being paid below the minimum hourly wage, a dedicated wage and hour attorney could help you hold your employer accountable.

If you believe your employer is skirting state or federal minimum wage laws, you could benefit from a discussion with an Elyria minimum wage violation lawyer. Your attorney from Tittle & Perlmuter could evaluate your circumstances to determine if your employer illegally withheld money from you.

Understanding the Minimum Wage

Both U.S. and Ohio law set a minimum hourly wage that employers must provide to most employees. In Ohio, the minimum wage is $8.40 as of 2020, while the federal minimum wage is $7.25. A state minimum wage supersedes the national wage, although it cannot go lower than the national standard. A nearby attorney could advise an employee who is concerned about a minimum wage violation of what compensation they might be entitled to.

Minimum wage laws protect the vast majority of employees in the state. However, there are some important exceptions to the rule. While proper employees are covered by these laws, independent contractors do not enjoy the same treatment. Some businesses may try to misclassify employees as contractors in order to avoid some of these regulations.

Another exception to minimum wage laws involves waiters, bartenders, and other tipped workers. Given that the service industry is built on tips, employers are not required to pay the same minimum wage as other employees. However, if a worker’s hourly wage does not meet the state minimum once wages and tips are added together, the employer must then make up the difference until it reaches the minimum wage.

Violating Minimum Wage Laws

There are a number of ways an employer could violate state or federal minimum wage requirements. The most obvious scenario involves an employer hiring a worker for a wage that is below state or federal requirements. This form of violation is not that common, but employers often find creative ways to violate minimum wage laws.

One way an employer could violate the law is forcing an employee to perform additional work off the clock. Employees who work on their break or before their shift are technically earning less than they are owed.

Paycheck Deductions

One other notable way that some employers violate minimum wage laws is through deducting items from an employee’s paycheck. It is common and legal for employers to deduct the cost of their employer’s uniform from their paycheck. However, federal law does not allow these deductions to be so steep that they push the worker’s take-home wage below the minimum.

Many workers may not realize the lengths their employer has gone to in shortchanging them. In some cases, employees may not have any idea that what their superiors have done is illegal. Elyria workers who are suspicious of minimum wage violations should discuss their options with an attorney right away.

Reach Out to an Elyria Minimum Wage Violation Attorney

At their core, Elyria’s fair wage laws are about ensuring the workforce is fairly compensated for their efforts. Ensuring a minimum degree of hourly compensation is important enough that both state and federal legislators have taken steps to enshrine a minimum wage into law. Any business owner that fails to adhere to the minimum wage requirements could face civil responsibility for their actions.

If you are ready to speak up for your rights and seek the full amount of wages you are owed, an Elyria minimum wage violation lawyer could help. Call right away to schedule an initial consultation.

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