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Salary Deductions

Salary Deductions - Is My Employer Paying Me Fairly?

You may receive a salary at your job- meaning you get paid the same amount of money whether you work 40 hours in a week or 80 hours in a week.

In SOME circumstances, that may be okay.

HOWEVER, if your employer is taking deductions out of your salary, there are very limited circumstances in which they can get away with also not paying you overtime for hours worked over 40 in a work week.

The only categories that your employer can properly deduct your salary from are:

  1. Personal Days (not for sickness or disability)
  2. Jury Duty
  3. Military Leave
  4. Disciplinary Suspension
salary deductions

If your employer is deducting money from your salary for other reasons, such as “lack of work” during a slow time, your employer may be violating wage and hour rules.

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