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Can My Employer Change My Time Clock Hours?

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Can My Employer Change My Clock-In and Clock-Out Records? Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must keep documented records for employees, including hours worked each day and total hours worked each workweek.  Employers are free to use any time-keeping method they choose, including time clocks, automated systems, written time sheets, or another form of […]

Am I Getting Paid Fairly?

Overtime Facts – Am I Getting Paid Fairly? Both employers and employees have a severe lack of knowledge in the area of overtime hours and proper rate of pay. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) employers are required to pay their nonexempt employees an overtime rate of 1.5 times their regular rate of […]

What Industries Most Often Violate Wage & Hour Laws?

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Wage & Hour Violations Wage and Hour issues can be complex and unclear in many situations. Many employers try to cut corners in order to help their bottom line, leaving their employees underpaid and overworked. In Ohio, employees are protected by not only the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, but also specific Ohio wage and […]

Increase in Ohio’s Minimum Wage for 2018

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Ohio Minimum Wage Increased for 2018 With the start of 2018 comes New Year’s resolutions, holiday celebrations, and for Ohio, a raise in minimum wage. Beginning on January 1, 2018 both tipped and non-tipped employees in Ohio will see an increase in minimum wage. Non-Tipped Employees Workers who receive less than $30 in tips per […]

Wage and Hour Laws in the State of Ohio

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Ohio Wage and Hour Laws The ADP Research Institute found that more than 70% of employers in Ohio are not in compliance with the state’s wage and hour laws. Some employers rely on the blind trust of their employees to get away with paying unfair wages. They do this only to increase their bottom line. […]

Six-Figure Settlement for a Minimum Wage Violation

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Settlement for Minimum Wage Violation Tittle & Perlmuter obtains a six-figure collective-action settlement for a minimum wage violation by a car dealership in the Cleveland area. On July 5, after a year in court, Scott Perlmuter and Allen Tittle helped local car salespeople obtain a $250,000 settlement with their employer, a group of automobile dealerships. […]

Pancake Restaurant Must Refund Tips Taken From Waitstaff


Tips Wrongfully Taken From Waitstaff Wage and hour law violations truly come in all shapes and sizes.  While the most common issues that we hear of are employees being misclassified as independent contractors or employers’ failure to compensate their employees for all hours worked, employees should always be wary of any suspicious pay practices at […]

Back Wages Recovered for 390 Cellular Retail Employees

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Back Wages Recovered for 390 Cellular Retail Employees After over two years of hotly contested litigation in Petty v. Russell Cellular, we successfully finalized and settled a Fair Labor Standards Act collective action on behalf of 390 current and former full-time employees of a Verizon Wireless retailer with over 250 locations nationwide.  These employees were required to […]

Five Million White Collar Workers Covered By Overtime Laws

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New Overtime Laws Cover More White Collar Workers In July, the Department of Labor announced rules that would extend the labor protections provided for in the Fair Labor Standards Act to an additional roughly 5 million white collar workers. As it currently stands, salaried workers earning at least $455 per week – which is the […]