Accidents with tractor-trailers cause many of the nation’s annual highway fatalities. Because of the massive size of these vehicles, passengers of smaller cars are at high risk of catastrophic or fatal injury in the event of a collision. Additionally, trucks have large blind spots that pose additional dangers if their operators are not attentive behind the wheel.

If you or a loved one suffered harm in a blind spot truck accident in Sandusky, seek legal help for pursuing monetary damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer at Tittle & Perlmuter can advise you on who may be held accountable for your accident and help you obtain the resources you need to recover from your losses.

Causes of Blind Spot Collisions in Sandusky

Trucks with longer trailers and higher cabs tend to have larger blind spots. The height of the cab prevents the trucker from seeing objects immediately in front of the vehicle, while the length creates blind zones along both sides of the trailer and behind the truck.

Drivers of smaller vehicles are advised to stay out of the area directly in front of or behind large tractor-trailers. Drivers should also try to avoid driving alongside or behind a truck’s passenger cab, as this could also be a blind zone.

Blind spot accidents are most likely to occur when:

  • One of the vehicles is tailgating the other
  • Truck operators drive aggressively
  • Trucks make lane changes without checking blind spots
  • Truckers drive while fatigued or distracted

Proving Negligence for a Blind Spot Truck Crash

To successfully obtain compensation for a blind spot accident, the person seeking damages for an injury (the plaintiff) must prove that another party (the defendant) was negligent. In a tractor-trailer collision case, the plaintiff and his or her attorney must demonstrate that the trucker did not use reasonable care when operating his vehicle. The plaintiff also must demonstrate that his or her injury was the direct result of the trucker’s failure to use appropriate caution.

Other Potentially Negligent Parties

However, truckers are not the only potential defendants in blind spot collision claims. A seasoned attorney at our firm can investigate the wreck to determine if others may be at fault.

For example, a trucking company might be liable if its employee’s training was inadequate. If the truck’s brakes failed, the brake manufacturer or vehicle mechanic might have been negligent. If road markings or maintenance was an issue, the State or a municipality might be liable.

Contested Fault for a Limited Visibility Truck Accident

Although smaller vehicles should try to stay out of a truck’s blind spot, it is also the trucker’s duty to make sure the way is clear before merging or changing lanes. Despite this, truck operators and their insurers often try to blame the other drivers when blind spot collisions occur.

Ohio Revised Code §2315.33 provides an incentive for negligent parties to attempt to shift blame onto the plaintiff. The law says that a plaintiff who is more than 50 percent responsible for the accident cannot collect damages. A plaintiff who bears a smaller portion of the blame can collect compensation, but that amount will be decreased depending on his or her degree of responsibility.

To fight back against allegations of fault for a blind spot truck accident, it is crucial for injured victims to work with a skilled attorney in their area. The experienced lawyers at our firm can present evidence and expert opinions on behalf of plaintiffs to fight for the compensation they deserve.

Speak with an Attorney about Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Sandusky

Trucking is a big business, and trucking firms often have teams of legal professionals to fight claims and avoid paying fair settlements to injured victims. As such, you need a dedicated legal advocate on your side to stand up to these companies and rigorously pursue your claim.

If you were hurt in a blind spot truck accident in Sandusky, do not delay in seeking the legal help you need. Contact Tittle & Perlmuter today to discuss your situation.

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