One driver colliding with another vehicle from behind is a typical example of a crash between motor vehicles. These incidents can result in severe physical injuries that require extensive medical attention. In addition, they can devastate your overall quality of life and ability to support your family.

Tittle & Perlmuter is ready to represent your interests during insurance negotiations and lawsuits connected to rear-end car accidents in Lakewood. While many assume a person rear-ending you is to blame for an incident, the law does not presume fault. In addition, insurance companies may dispute the extent of your losses and offer insufficient amounts in settlement discussions. Allowing a car accident attorney to take the lead could increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Common Reasons for Rear-End Collisions

Fender benders can occur at almost any time and under various circumstances. Often, another driver does not come to a stop and hits a person sitting at a red light or stop sign. In addition, these events can also occur while moving. A driver following too closely may collide with a driver who presses on his or her brakes to avoid danger on the road or reduce speed before taking a turn.

Still, while it may appear clear that a rear-end incident was another’s fault, the law does not presume liability for a crash. Ohio Revised Code §2315.33 allows defendants to argue that an injured person did not do all he or she could to avoid a wreck. If a court believes this argument, it can reduce a victim’s compensation for his or her losses. Allowing an attorney in Lakewood to investigate the reason for a rear-end auto collision can ensure an individual receives the compensation he or she deserves.

Seeking Appropriate Compensation Following a Rear-End Crash

Despite their commonality, rear-end crashes can result in significant losses. These have the potential to impact every part of a person’s life, including harsh financial troubles and health concerns.

These impacts often affect a victim’s back, neck, and head areas. Common injuries can include:

These injuries may require a person to seek extensive medical care to return to normal. For others, the events result in a permanent disability that never fully heals. In either situation, a negligent driver in Lakewood who causes a rear-end vehicle collision must provide full payment for the extent of a victim’s medical needs.

Hardworking legal counsel strives to collect these payments on behalf of an injured person. A lawyer can do this by showing how an event has resulted in a physical injury and exploring how a crash has changed a person’s quality of life and ability to support their family. A legal representative works to place an accurate value on a claim and demands that at-fault drivers and insurance companies provide fair compensation.

Discuss Rear-End Car Accidents in Lakewood with an Attorney Today

Although they can have a reputation as minor incidents, fender benders can be serious. They can result in significant physical injuries that require extensive medical care and impact your ability to support your family and live your life to its fullest. Drivers who cause these crashes must provide full compensation for your losses, but obtaining these payments can be challenging.

Tittle & Perlmuter is ready to represent your interests following rear-end car accidents in Lakewood. Our attorneys work to obtain evidence concerning the crash, measure how the event has changed your life, and demand that all liable drivers are held accountable. Talk with our team now to start your claim.

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