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An honest day’s work should warrant an honest day’s wage—and under both federal and state wage and hour laws. Unfortunately, many employers in Ohio fail to abide by these regulations, leading to workers missing out on compensation that they rightfully earned.

You are not alone if your employer fails to compensate you in accordance with state and federal regulations. You have legal options at your disposal that an Elyria wage and hour lawyer could help you take advantage of. By working with a seasoned employment attorney at Tittle & Perlmuter, you could put yourself in the best possible position to protect your rights and best interests.

Seeking Repayment of Unpaid Wages

Under state law, hourly employees in Ohio must be paid a minimum amount, as well as time-and-a-half for every hour in excess of 40 worked in a single week. Any employer who fails to compensate employees in accordance with these laws, or who forces employees to work off-the-clock, may be held liable for back pay denied to their workers.

Employees who receive at least $30 per month in tips are not required to receive the same minimum wage as non-tipped employees. However, their employers still must make up any deficit in their combined wages and tips to ensure they receive at least the non-tipped minimum hourly wage in total compensation. Failure to do this also constitutes a minimum wage violation.

Finally, employers cannot deduct compensation from an employee’s paycheck to pay for job-related tools and supplies if that deduction would put them below the state-mandated minimum wage. Anyone who has experienced illegal wage theft through any of these tactics should contact an wage and hour attorney in Elyria to discuss their legal options.

Addressing Employee Misclassification in Elyria

Certain kinds of workers are exempt from the aforementioned protections established under the FLSA and various state laws. Employers do not have to abide by minimum wage laws for workers who qualify as independent contractors, nor do they have to pay overtime to salaried employees who meet certain criteria.

However, just because an employer in Ohio says a worker is an independent contractor or an exempt salaried employee does not necessarily mean they qualify as such. Beyond the day-to-day wage theft, a dedicated wage and hour lawyer in Elyria could also help workers who have lost wages or certain benefits due to misclassification by their employers. They could provide guidance to workers impacted by improper record keeping, unpaid short breaks and travel time, issues with factoring commissions and bonuses into total compensation, and more.

Get in Touch with an Elyria Wage and Hour Attorney Today

Wage and hour violations happen every day in the state of Ohio, and every single one of them is an injustice that should not be allowed to stand. If you missed out on hard-earned wages because your employer violated state or federal law, taking legal action against them could be crucial for both your personal finances and your future prospects in your field.

Retaining an experienced Elyria wage and hour lawyer should be your first priority before pursuing litigation against an employer, as professional guidance could be essential to maximizing your chances of success. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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