Elyria Wrongful Death Lawyer

Whether due to the misconduct of a reckless motorist or the manufacturer of a defective product, losing a loved one due to the negligence of another can impact a family for the rest of their lives. If you have recently lost a family member and suspect that someone’s negligence caused their death, you should speak with an Elyria wrongful death lawyer at Tittle & Perlmuter to learn more about your legal options.

Our caring personal injury attorneys could investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s death and help determine whether you are entitled to seek compensation. Additionally, our legal team could walk alongside your family during this difficult time and pursue all available damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Types of Accidents Which May Lead to Wrongful Death

There are numerous types of accidents which may give rise to a wrongful death claim in Elyria. Some of these incidents may include:

A compassionate wrongful death attorney in Elyria could work diligently on behalf of the decedent’s grieving family to identify the party or parties who may be responsible for the untimely death of their loved one.

Recovering Just Compensation

With the assistance of a skilled Elyria attorney, wrongful death claimants may be able to recover various types of compensation from the at-fault party. The court apportions compensation to the claimants depending on their relation to the decedent.

For example, if the claimants are both children to the decedent, the court might apportion compensation evenly. Alternatively, if the claimants are not of the same relation to the decedent, it may be at the court’s discretion to decide how to distribute any financial compensation recovered. Wrongful death compensation may include mental distress, loss of consortium, loss of financial support, and other related damages.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Elyria

According to Ohio Revised Code §2125.02, anyone who wishes to file a wrongful death lawsuit must do so no later than two years from the date of the deceased’s passing. If a claimant tries to bring a lawsuit after the statutory deadline, the court may bar them from obtaining financial recovery.

Additionally, state law establishes strict limits on who may bring a wrongful death lawsuit in the civil court system. While the decedent’s personal estate representative must file any claims, compensation may be pursued for the deceased’s family as well as their estate. Individuals who may be eligible for compensation in an Elyria wrongful death case include the decedent’s spouse, parents, and children.

Work with an Elyria Wrongful Death Attorney

It is crucial to have dedicated legal representation on your side if you are considering filing a wrongful death claim. Our Elyria wrongful death lawyers at Tittle & Perlmuter could review your case to determine whether there may be just cause to pursue a lawsuit for damages. Additionally, our attorneys could help you understand your legal rights and discuss the most effective strategies for building a compelling case.

When someone’s negligence or reckless misconduct causes the death of a loved one, you may be entitled to pursue civil damages on behalf of your deceased family member. To speak with one of our team members, call today, and set up your case consultation.

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