A failure to yield is when one driver impedes the right of way of another driver or pedestrian when arriving at the same spot. This has the potential to cause a devastating car accident. If you believe you were struck by another vehicle that did not have the right of way, a Cleveland failure to yield lawyer might be able to help you recoup any losses you suffered as a result of the accident.

Effects of a Driver Failing to Yield

In Cleveland, a common failure to yield scenario is when someone does not stop at a stop sign, or they stop at a sign and then pull out in front of a driver who does not have a stop sign. It also happens when a driver turns left in front of a vehicle at an intersection. When the person who is traveling through the intersection has the right of way, the driver turning left has a duty to yield. These kinds of scenarios often lead to side-impact (“T-bone”) collisions.

Are Road Signs Often Present in These Situations?

Road signs are often present in failure to yield accidents. A common situation is a failure to yield in a two-way stop at a T-shaped intersection but only one part of that T has a stop sign. This may cause confusion as to who must yield to whom. Unfamiliar locations or poorly-designed signs can often make it vague as to who has the right of way.

The Role of Insurance Companies

Accidents involving a failure to yield present the most trouble for attorneys because the insurance companies rely on the statements of their insured against all other evidence. The police report and the plaintiff’s statement could say that they were traveling through a green light when the other driver turned left in front of them. The defendant, in turn, might claim they were in fact the one with the green arrow, even if the police find that not to be the case. There might even be a witness who says the plaintiff went through with a green light. The insurance company will want to know what other adverse action the driver took, which can lengthen the entire process.

Insurance companies often try to deny liability to avoid paying damages. It is important to have a capable car accident lawyer to help counter the claims of the insurance companies.

Let a Cleveland Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Fight for You

There could be numerous complications when filing a failure to yield accident claim. The potential lack of hard evidence just compounds the mental stress. A local attorney could search for video footage of the intersection such as from a gas station, business, or dashcams to help prove your case. Also, the City of Cleveland often has roadway cameras that can be analyzed. Combined with police reports, witnesses, and physical evidence, an attorney can help establish fault in the accident.

If you believe you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, consider calling a Cleveland failure to yield accident lawyer to potentially handle your claim and help you seek compensation for your injuries. Get started today.

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