How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Medical Malpractice – Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Ohio Medical Malpractice Guide

This guide is intended to help you understand the proper steps to take if you think you might be the victim of medical malpractice in Ohio. If you still have questions please contact our office today for a free case review.


    In Part 1 of “How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Medical Malpractice”, Attorney Allen Tittle discussed preventative care and the importance of taking charge of your healthcare. In Part 2, Allen talked about finding a specialist for your condition and gave tips on how to find the best doctor.
    The third and final piece of advice to prevent becoming a victim of medical malpractice might seem obvious, but it’s something many people ignore- follow your doctor’s advice.
    If a doctor or healthcare professional suggests a course of treatment like getting an x-ray or coming in for additional blood work, it’s important that you follow through and get the suggested tests. Not only will it be helpful should you pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit, but your health will also likely benefit from the suggestions as well.

    Why is it Important to Follow Your Doctor’s Advice?

    Transcript: Allen Tittle here, Cleveland’s Medical Malpractice Lawyer. This is part 3 of my video series of How to Ensure that You or a Loved one Does Not Fall Victim to Medical Malpractice. I shared with you in video one and video two in the series, of, sort of key things that I think are imperative to ensure that you do not fall victim to medical malpractice. The third and final thing that I wanna share with you is that I think it’s really important, this may seem obvious, is that you actually follow your doctor’s advice. And, so, let me give some examples. If your family doctor says, “Joe, go get some blood work”, you better get that blood work. If the doctor says, “Joe, go get the x-ray”, you better get the x-ray. When I review a medical malpractice case, one of the things I always look for to determine whether I want the case or not is, did the patient follow the doctor’s advice? Not only is it important in my cases, but it’s important in your health. There’s a reason why the doctors are giving you advice, it’s in your best interest. And that advice, usually testing, is the only way for your family doctor or your primary care doctor to diagnose any potential deadly or dangerous medical conditions. So, please folks, I know it sounds simple, but follow your doctor’s advice. So if you have any questions, please visit my website,, or give us a call, 216-285-9991. Allen Tittle, I wanna make sure that you or a loved one does not fall victim to medical malpractice. Take care!

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