What is a Personal Injury Deposition and What Can I Expect from the Process?

A deposition is legally sworn testimony in the form of an interview that occurs once a lawsuit has been filed and takes place in front of a court reporter. Both sides in a car accident lawsuit are given the opportunity to depose the opposing party.

Honesty is essential during a deposition. Usually, car accident victims will be asked in detail about their medical history, how the accident occurred, and their injuries as a result of the accident. Insurance companies want to know if the victim’s injuries existed before the accident, so be prepared to have the deposing attorney inquire about your medical history going back as far as 20 years.

It is common for an attorney to ask questions in an attempt to confuse or “trip up” the deponent. Just remember to make sure that you understand the question before you give a response, and answer questions only when you know the facts – avoid conjecture and guessing.