Ohio’s Nursing Homes Among the Worst in the Country

A recent article on Cleveland.com reported that Ohio’s nursing homes are among the nation’s lowest-rated in quality of care.

Choosing to enter a loved one into care at a nursing home is never an easy decision. Making the choice is hard on both the individual and their families. Many times, choosing a nursing home is also difficult. The location, cost, amenities, and other factors go into picking the right nursing home. But one thing is supposed to be standard, that these individuals entering care at nursing homes will receive a high level of care and attention. Unfortunately, for many Ohio residents, that is not the case. Nursing home abuse and poor care are common.

According to data from a federal nursing home rating system, known as Nursing Home Compare, Ohio’s nursing homes are among the nation’s lowest in quality of care. The Plain Dealer has taken it upon themselves to examine the state of Ohio’s nursing homes in the coming months, but the statistics they have already gathered are staggering.

  • Almost 41% of Ohio nursing homes received a below-average rating on the federal Nursing Home Compare standard.
  • 4 out of 5 nursing homes in Ohio are operated by for-profit companies. These facilities are 3x for more likely to be ranked at the bottom of the federal data scale.
  • At least 31 deaths in Ohio nursing homes in the last 3 years were said to stem by issues of care.

To view the full article and all of the statistics, visit Cleveland.com.

Finding a Nursing Home

It’s clear that many Ohio nursing homes do not meet an acceptable standard of care. What’s worse is that, in many instances, individuals do not even know about these rankings when they choose a nursing home. There are ways to protect your loved ones when nursing home care is in the near future. Families should do their research when choosing a nursing home:

  • Schedule visits at the nursing facilities, as well as making unscheduled visits.
  • Ask questions when you are there to both current residents as well as staff.
  • Notice the staffing levels of each facility, as lower staffing levels tend to lead to a decrease in care.
  • Check the federal Nursing Home Compare ratings for each facility.

Making an informed nursing home choice is important, but mistakes can still happen. In regions such as Ohio, where the nursing homes are ranked low in terms of quality of care, mistakes are likely to occur more frequently. If you have questions about nursing home neglect or abuse, please contact us. We have handled numerous nursing home abuse and negligence cases, and we understand the complex and emotional nature. Tittle & Perlmuter is here for you and your family!

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