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Ohio’s Nursing Homes Among the Worst in the Country

A recent article on reported that Ohio’s nursing homes are among the nation’s lowest-rated in quality of care.

Choosing to enter a loved one into care at a nursing home is never an easy decision. Making the choice is hard on both the individual and their families. Many times, choosing a nursing home is also difficult. The location, cost, amenities, and other factors go into picking the right nursing home. But one thing is supposed to be standard, that these individuals entering care at nursing homes will receive a high level of care and attention. Unfortunately, for many Ohio residents, that is not the case. Nursing home abuse and poor care are common.

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Do You Have a Valid Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

medical malpractice lawyersDoctors are human beings and make mistakes like anyone else. But when a mistake reflects a serious error in judgment and harms the patient, it may rise to the level of medical malpractice. In such cases, the doctor is generally responsible for economic and other damages. However, bringing an Ohio medical malpractice lawsuit is a significant undertaking.

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Medical Malpractice Case Against Cleveland Clinic heads to Ohio Supreme Court

According to, a retired Air Force Colonel claims that he was a victim of medical malpractice at the hands of Cleveland Clinic surgeons. The lawsuit is now before the Ohio Supreme Court. Colonel David Antoon claims that while he consented to a surgical procedure being performed by a veteran Clinic surgeon, it was instead performed by two doctors-in-training who did so negligently. As a result of the surgical procedure, a prostatectomy, Mr. Antoon claims that he was rendered incontinent and permanently impotent. He also now suffers from Peyronie’s disease, a painful curvature of the penis.

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