Wage & Hour Violations

Wage and Hour issues can be complex and unclear in many situations. Many employers try to cut corners in order to help their bottom line, leaving their employees underpaid and overworked.

In Ohio, employees are protected by not only the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, but also specific Ohio wage and hour laws. These laws state how much an employer is required to pay their employees, which employees are required to be paid for overtime hours, and more.

Common Industries Violating Wage & Hour Laws

Unfortunately, there are certain industries in which we see more violations of wage & hour laws than other industries.

What industries are we seeing violations most commonly in?

  1. IT
  2. Sales Representatives
  3. Healthcare
  4. Restaurant
  5. Oil & Gas
  6. Banking
  7. Retail

Tips from Expert Wage & Hour Attorney Scott Perlmuter

Transcript:Hey, everybody! Scott Perlmuter here again today to drop some knowledge bombs on you about wage and hour issues. And the specific issue that I’m here to talk about today is: Common industries where we see violations of wage and hour laws run rampant. So, understand that under federal and state wage and hour laws, there are certain jobs and certain industries that the employers may be exempt, if they follow the rules, from paying their employees overtime. However, those are the industries where employees will cut corners, they’ll fudge the issues, they don’t know the nuances of the law, and therefore, they’ll call one of their employees or sets of employees exempt from overtime when they’re really not exempt from overtime. So, what industries are we seeing violations most commonly in? IT Industry, computer workers, network technicians, service technicians of any sort, cable workers for instance, big violators in that industry. Sales representatives, healthcare workers, home health nurses, tipped employees in the restaurant industry, big violators of wage and hour laws. Oil and gas field workers, bankers and mortgage brokers, big violations in that industry, specifically when it comes to commissions and bonuses, retail employees, big violations in that industry as well. So, if you work in one of these industries or you work in ANY industry and you’ve got questions about the way that you’re being paid and whether the pay practices at your employer are in accordance with the wage and hour laws, give me a call, 216-308-1522, I’ll be happy to talk through your issue, or visit our website, tittlelawfirm.com, or we have a website that’s devoted just to wage and hour issues and that is overtimelawyersohio.com. Scott Perlmuter, thanks for listening!

Get Justice Against Your Employer

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