One major benefit that many Sandusky employees enjoy is paid time off (PTO). The ability to take a vacation without forfeiting pay is something that many individuals consider when evaluating whether to take a new job.

While workplaces should provide PTO if they hope to attract top talent, nothing under the law requires them to do so. However, if an employer offers its employees PTO and then denies this benefit, the employer has violated its workers’ rights. Once PTO is accrued, the employer must allow employees to use this benefit and may be required to compensate employees for unused PTO when the employment relationship ends.

Unfortunately, PTO violations in Sandusky are common. If an employer fails to live up to their end of the bargain, an attorney can help workers understand their rights in their specific situations and to demand fair payment.

The Right to Paid Time Off

Neither state nor federal law requires an employer to provide vacation time to a worker. However, most full-time employees enjoy this benefit as part of their hiring package. PTO is often promised to workers upon completing a certain number of hours or being employed for a specific period of time.

Once a worker earns this time, it is theirs. An employer cannot deny time off from work or the cash equivalent once an employee requests to use their PTO. Generally, a worker who leaves the job for any reason with unused accrued time off is entitled to collect that vacation time’s cash value. However, established company policies or contractual provisions may impose conditions on paying PTO upon separation. For example, employers may legally refuse to pay employees for their unused PTO if they are fired or quit without giving proper notice. A knowledgeable lawyer could provide more information about the legal rights involved in paid time off.

What do I do if my Employer Refuses Payment?

Most disputes concerning paid time off arise when an employee leaves a company. If the employer attempts to withhold payment for accrued time off, this may constitute wage theft. As discussed above, earned time off has a cash value, and companies must provide this upon the end of employment.

Workers who believe that they have not received the full value of their time off can pursue a lawsuit in civil court. According to Ohio Revised Code § 4111.10, if an employer has failed to provide a fair wage for completed work, a worker can demand compensation in the form of cash for the value of the vacation time. Additionally, courts may award additional compensation in the form of attorneys’ fees and court costs. As such, it could be valuable for a Sandusky employee to speak with a well-practiced attorney on their rights to paid time off.

Call a Sandusky Lawyer Experienced in Paid Time Off Violations

Much like other perks that an employer may offer to attract workers to a job, paid time off has a cash value. If a worker leaves the job with remaining vacation days, the employer generally must provide the cash equivalent for all unspent time.

If you believe that your workplace has unfairly withheld the value of paid time off, you have the right to demand compensation. The legal team at Tittle & Perlmuter is experienced in filing wage theft lawsuits in local civil court. One of our skilled attorneys can help pursue appropriate compensation for paid time off violations in Sandusky. Call us today to begin evaluating your case.

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