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Slip and Fall Lawyers

Property owners owe a distinct legal obligation to individuals who are legally visiting their property to maintain their premises and keep it free of any dangerous conditions. When a proprietor fails to meet this obligation, visitors can easily fall and suffer injuries.

If you have suffered injuries in a tripping accident, you should discuss your case with a slip and fall lawyer. Our personal injury attorneys could help you build your case against the negligent property owner and pursue compensatory damages.

Types of Visitors

A property owner has the greatest legal obligation to invitees and licensees. These individuals have direct or indirect permission to be on the premises. In these situations, a proprietor has a duty of care that includes the obligation to warn visitors of potentially risky conditions.

For instance, if there is a spill on the floor, a property owner must put up a warning sign if they cannot clean it immediately. Proprietors do not have a legal duty of care to trespassers. However, owners must still abstain from intentionally or carelessly injuring them.

How Do Slip and Fall Incidents Occur?

One of the first steps an attorney would take when investigating an individual’s slip and fall claim is to determine the cause of the claimant’s injuries and who may be liable for damages. A legal representative could work to ensure that a negligent property owner is held accountable if a violation of their legal duty was the reason for the incident. A slip and fall incident may occur under a range of negligent circumstances, including:

Recovering Damages in an Injury Claim

Tripping incidents may cause serious and long-lasting injuries. Some of these may include back, shoulder, neck, head, and spinal cord injuries. Other related harm may include broken or fractured bones, muscular sprains, contusions, and concussions.

Numerous types of compensatory damages may be awarded to trip and fall claimants for these injuries. These damages may include:

A trip and fall attorney could fight to help an injured party obtain the maximum compensatory damages for their personal, economic, and emotional losses. In addition to these forms of compensation, a claimant also may be able to recover punitive damages. However, the court only awards these damages in rare cases to punish a property owner’s malicious or egregious conduct.

Talk to a Slip and Fall Attorney

If you fell on someone else’s property and believe your injuries occurred because of a negligent property owner, you should speak with a slip and fall lawyer. The attorneys at Tittle & Perlmuter could help you file your claim and pursue effective solutions to resolve your case. To get started on your claim, schedule your free consultation today.