Representing Victims of Surgical Errors

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be stressful and scary. Patients place their trust in medical professionals. They expect them to follow a standard of care during surgery to achieve the best possible surgical outcome. Surgeons are not responsible for all complications. However, the State of Ohio requires them to act as a reasonable physician would during surgery. When they fail to act accordingly, serious, and sometimes even life-threatening, surgical errors can occur.

Cleveland surgical errors attorneysTo that end, surgical errors are a specific type of medical malpractice. These are the errors involving surgery. They can occur during preparation for surgery, during the surgery itself, or after the procedure is complete. Surgeons and nurses working in surgery have a standard of care to uphold. It involves fully notifying the patient of all of the potential side effects and complications of a procedure. In addition, they must obtain his or her informed consent to the procedure afterward and take all the necessary care to prevent injury to the patient. When a doctor, a nurse, or hospital fails to uphold this standard of care patients may suffer an injury, worsened condition, or death. In these cases the provider is negligent. As a result, the patient can seek compensation for his or her damages related to the error.

Caption: Folks, Allen Tittle here- Cleveland’s Medical Malpractice Lawyer. Another type of case that we see from time to time are surgical errors. Folks, there are simple rules that a doctor must follow when performing surgery. The most basic rule is that he or she must only cut when they know what they’re cutting! Unfortunately, that does not always happen. For example, I’ve had a case where an individual had to go in for gallbladder surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor cut through the wrong things- in this circumstance, something called the common bile duct, and rendered permanent, catastrophic injury to that patient because then that condition wasn’t discovered right away. Other types of things is the obvious, operating on the old body part. You go in for left knee surgery and they accidentally amputate your right. That happens more common than you think! But also, simple things like leaving instruments or sponges behind in the body after surgery. Folks, if you or a loved one has suffered medical malpractice as a result of a surgical error, please give me a call or visit my website today. Thank you, take care!


Common Surgical Errors

Common surgical errors include:

  • Cutting or puncturing organs that were not part of the procedure;
  • Operating on the wrong body part;
  • Leaving behind surgical instruments in the patient’s body after the surgery is complete;
  • Failing to sterilize the equipment used for the surgery, the surgical site on the patient’s body, or the room where the surgery is performed or the patient recovers, putting him or her at risk of infection; and
  • Performing unnecessary surgery.

Possible Outcomes of a Surgical Error

A surgical error can result in a serious, even life-threatening injury to the patient. Sometimes, it can create a new condition, such as cutting through a bile duct during gallbladder surgery.

A surgical error can require the patient to undergo corrective surgery, prolonging his or her recovery time. In some cases, it can cause the patient to be temporarily or permanently disabled, impacting his or her ability to continue living as he or she had prior to the incident, or, worst case scenario, the patient can be killed.

Work with an Experienced Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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