Every employee who puts in a day’s work deserves to be paid in full. Unfortunately, many employers push hourly workers to perform tasks while off the clock, or otherwise pressure them to work for free. This is known a wage theft.

When your employer is guilty of wage theft, you have legal options to hold them accountable. A seasoned wage and hour attorney from Tittle & Perlmuter could assist you in proving you are entitled to additional compensation for the work you completed. Let an Elyria wage theft lawyer review your case and advise you on the next step in the legal process.

Understanding Wage Theft

Wage theft is a broad term. It covers a wide range of unlawful activity by employers that ensures a worker does not receive the full compensation they have earned. A nearby attorney could help an employee understand how wage theft could be impacting them.

One of the most common forms of wage theft occurs when employers require off-the-clock work. This includes performing aspects of a person’s job before they clock in, after they clock out, or during their break. The work could include anything from preparing a work area to cleaning up after a shift has ended.

There are other ways employers can withhold the full amount of wages an employee has earned. Withholding tips or overtime pay are common examples. In extreme cases, some employers even pay below the federal or state minimum wage.

Failure to Pay

Not all efforts at wage theft lead to a reduced paycheck. In fact, some workers never get paid at all. This form of wage theft can occur due to accounting errors, mismanagement, or even as retribution for filing a worker’s compensation claim. Employers often find creative ways to steal wages, including refusing to reimburse workers for business expenses they have accrued personally.

Committing Fraud to Avoid Payment

Other acts of wage theft are openly fraudulent. Employers could order workers to falsify time cards under the threat of termination. Other examples include paying an employee at a lower wage than previously agreed, shorting a check, or altering a worker’s timecard without their knowledge.

People who were impacted by wage theft could seek recovery of the pay that was stolen from them. In addition to civil lawsuits, it is also possible to seek justice by filing a complaint through a regulatory agency.

Department of Labor Complaints

Another way an Elyria attorney could assist a worker facing wage theft is by helping them pursue administrative complaints. One of the most prominent options available is a claim through the Department of Labor.

Complaints to the Department of Labor must include everything from basic biographical information to an explanation of a worker’s typical payment methods. The Department will investigate these claims after receiving a report. If they determine wage theft has occurred, they could use their enforcement power to ensure a worker is fully compensated.

Speak with an Elyria Wage Theft Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you feel your employer failed to fully compensate you under the terms of your agreement, you might be able to pursue a legal or administrative claim for wage theft. Your employer could be in violation of a number of state or federal laws, and decisive action could result in the recovery of the money you are owed.

Do not take on the burden of proving wage theft on your own. Schedule an initial consultation with an Elyria wage theft lawyer right away.

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