Paid time off, or PTO, is one type of benefit common among hourly and salaried employees. PTO allows employees to take time away from their job while still receiving pay for those hours. It is a form of benefit offered to employees, which means that, unlike overtime, it is governed by state law.

Unfortunately, some employers withhold the appropriate amount of PTO from their workers. If you believe you have been shortchanged with the amount of time off you are entitled to, experienced wage and hour attorneys might be able to answer your questions. Learning about potential paid time off violations in Elyria could result in recovering compensation for your stolen wages.

How Paid Time Off Works

While state law does not force an employer to offer PTO, it does provide employees with the right to make use of that time off under most circumstances. There are some situations where the law allows the employer to deny PTO. For example, an employer is under no obligation to accept a PTO request if they informed the employee ahead of time that it is not available for workers who are terminated or quit without notice. Giving the employee advanced notice of these policies is vital.

Whether or not an employee has the right to be compensated for their PTO when they make a career change depends on the company’s policy, and if the company informed the employee of that policy. A worker who announces to their supervisor that they are leaving the company in two weeks is generally allowed to recover the value of their paid time off. However, if the company made it clear at the time of hiring that they will not pay for some or all of PTO benefits when an employee quits, that worker could be out of luck. A local attorney could advise an employee on the possibility of paid time off violations at their workplace.

Dealing with PTO Violations

Not all PTO policy violations are malicious. In some cases, a misunderstanding in the Human Resources department, or some other type of miscommunication, could result in an employee not receiving the PTO they are entitled to. Because of this, it is always helpful to speak directly with a supervisor or employer about the issue. In some cases, this simple step will clear up a potential PTO violation before it happens.

Unfortunately, some employers aggressively and intentionally violate their employees’ rights to the PTO they have accrued. In these cases, it is vital to work with an Elyria attorney to pursue claims for paid time off violations. Preparing for these claims requires documentation for the employer. Everything from pay stubs to performance reviews to company policies could come into play in a PTO violation claim. Written communications from a supervisor, employer, or HR representative could also be valuable evidence in a potential lawsuit.

Discuss Paid Time Off Violations with an Elyria Attorney

If you feel your employer has denied you paid time off that you have properly accrued, you could have the right to pursue legal action. State law allows a worker to file a claim for compensation regarding these violations.

If you are looking to recoup the pay that you are owed, a lawyer in Elyria could assist you with initiating your paid time off violations claim. Call right away for a free consultation with Tittle & Perlmuter.

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