When employees take paid time off (PTO), they are free to use the days as chosen, and their employers must pay them as if they worked those days. Workers can use the days to recover from an illness, to take a vacation, or simply to take a break from work.

Employees often feel the need to come up with excuses for not going to work, encouraging them to claim false illnesses or otherwise be dishonest with their employers. A good paid time off policy will help employees by acknowledging that everyone needs some time off of work, and you should not have to beg, plead, or lie to an employer to get that time.

If you think you are entitled to paid time off, but your employer denies you the time or compensation, you may be able to hold the company responsible. Your best course of action may be to speak to an experienced lawyer about paid time off violations in Chardon. A wage and hour attorney at Tittle & Perlmuter can advise you of your legal rights and fight to receive a successful outcome in your case.

Paid Time Off in Chardon

State law does not provide automatic entitlement to paid time off. In some cases, employees receive paid time off as a benefit. Many employers allow their employees to accrue PTO the longer they work with a company.

If a person works for a company for several years and rightfully earned three weeks of paid time off, the company cannot deny that benefit. However, the rules can be complicated. For example, employers may have different policies regarding an employee’s entitlement to paid time off if he or she chooses to leave the position.

For instance, if an employee accrues time-off and wishes to recover pay for the time despite the fact that he or she is leaving the company for another job, the employer’s policy may state that the individual will not receive compensation for the accrued PTO. However, if an employee believes the employer violated its policy by wrongfully denying him or her paid time off, the individual should contact an attorney in Chardon as soon as possible.

Pursuing Action Against an Employer Who Violates Paid Time Off Obligations

If an employee accrued PTO and the company refuses to compensate him or her as such, the employee may pursue legal action. In these cases, the employee will want to gather any evidence suggesting the company owes him or her for the accrued time off. Evidence supporting the employee’s case might include an employment contract, an employee handbook, and any communications between the employee and the employer regarding the paid time off policy.

Employers cannot refuse to honor binding paid time off agreements. However, employers can create their own paid time off policies, including restrictions for when the employee leaves the company. It is necessary for employees to understand the terms of any employment agreements before pursuing a claim against their employers for a violation of such terms.

A paid time off violation on the part of an employer may be a breach of contract. Some employees will sign a contract when they start working with the company, detailing the terms of employment, compensation, and benefits. Such contracts bind the employee and the employer, and a violation of a PTO provision may be grounds for legal representation by an attorney in Chardon.

Discuss Your Employer’s PTO Violation with a Chardon Attorney

If you believe your employer is violating your right to paid time off, you might have a legitimate legal claim against that employer. In cases where the employer violates the paid time off provisions of company policy or the employment contract, it might be possible to file a class action case against the company.

Paid time off violations can cost an employee a significant amount of income, so contact a Chardon attorney at Tittle & Perlmuter as soon as possible to seek the compensation you deserve.

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