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Samaritan Care Center and Villa in Medina, Ohio is one of three adult-care facilities being targeted by the U.S. Justice Department for “providing...
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Attorneys Scott Perlmuter and Katie Harris obtained a $800,000 jury verdict for the death of a nursing home resident who was needlessly over...
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In the past two years, more than 200,000 nursing home residents and staff have died from COVID-19, which accounts for almost a quarter...
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[display-book-section] How Do I Report Nursing Home Neglect in Ohio? Nursing homes and assisted living facilities exist to help and protect those who...
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According to recent news reports, employees of Montefiore nursing home in Beachwood, Ohio may have intentionally submitted false COVID tests (when in fact...
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[display-book-section] Thanks to the intrepid work of nursing home advocates, patients in long-term care facilities in Missouri can now be monitored via video...
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[display-book-section] When does medical malpractice cross the line into murder? A jury in Ohio will grapple with that question in the case of...
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[display-book-section] The shocking video dominated national news headlines: a 20-year-old man repeatedly punching a 75-year-old nursing home resident confined to his bed. The...
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[display-book-section] The elderly population is the most susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States, ten thousand people residing in nursing homes...
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[display-book-section] In early March, Coronavirus spread undetected through an assisted living facility named the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. It’s a situation...
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