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Working Off the Clock – Legal or Illegal?

Off the Clock Work

Working off the clock is a topic that can confuse many employees and employers alike.
The bottom line?
Hourly employees should never be performing work unless they’re clocked in.
Some common illegal scenarios include:

  1. Working through meal breaks
  2. Cleaning at the beginning or end of shift
  3. Going through security at the beginning or end of shift
  4. Putting on or taking off a uniform

Tips from Wage & Hour Expert - Attorney Scott Perlmuter

Hey everybody, Scott Perlmuter here today to give you some insight into one of the common wage and hour issues that we see all the time in our practice, that we get calls about just about every single day. Today, the topic is “Off the Clock Work”. I have said in this space before, especially if you’re an hourly employee, you should not be performing work for which you are not receiving compensation. So, a lot of employers require their employees to do some stuff while they’re off the clock, while they’re clocked out, that is illegal in many circumstances. So what are the common scenarios where we see this? Meal breaks- if you are required to clock out before your meal break and you still have to do some work during that meal break, that’s a common scenario that often arises and ends up in lawsuits. If you have to do cleaning at the beginning or end of your shift and it’s not while you’re clocked in, if you have to go through security at the beginning or end of your shift, if it’s some significant period of time, longer than a few minutes, you should be getting paid for that. If you have to put on or take off a uniform and that’s taking some significant period of time and you’re not allowed to clock in for that, that’s another issue that comes up a lot in these cases that you should be getting compensated for. So, if you have questions about some particular issue at your job where you are not allowed to clock in for some aspect of your work, the best thing you can do is give me a call, we can discuss it. That’s 216-308-1522. We do have information about these issues on our website as well,, or we have a separate website devoted just to wage and hour issues, that’s Again, this is Scott Perlmuter, thank you very much!

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