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Reaction to Ellet v. Firestone Football Game 

October 18, 2022 


3 months after the tragic death of Toshaye Pope, players from the Firestone Football program (Akron Public Schools) chose to mock his passing by pretending to swim on the field both prior to and during the Ellet/Firestone football game on October 14, 2022. Two videos showing that are below: 

Following these events, a large altercation occurred involving players, students, and spectators near one of the locker rooms. According to reports, pepper spray had to be used by law enforcement “to gain control and disperse the crowd.” 

Toshaye’s family is still freshly grieving, and these types of incidents only serve to re-open those wounds. While Akron Public School has made a statement relating to the large altercation, it remains silent on the events leading up to the altercation. We hope Akron Public Schools take a broader look at the root cause of the fight and publicly condemns the acts of the Firestone Football players making light of Toshaye’s death in front of his family and friends 

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