Protecting People and Ohio’s Roadways Against Distracted Driving

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    Did you know that Ohio has experienced more than 70,000 crashes due to distracted driving since 2016? More than 2,000 of these crashes resulted in serious injuries or fatalities according to 10 WBNS. Troopers also issued more than 24,000 tickets for distracted driving during the same period.

    The OSHP Distracted Driving Dashboard

    Distracted driving can have lifelong consequences for both violators and victims. What is Ohio’s law enforcement doing to address the dangerous driving trend? The Ohio State Highway Patrol has released a new dashboard for distracted driving enforcement and education. It’s important to know that Ohio troopers around the state are making necessary efforts to reduce the deadly impact of reckless and distracted driving. Want a front seat view to what troopers see on Ohio’s roadways? The Distracted Driving Dashboard is a detailed view of distracted driving crashes and violations across the state, including videos. More detailed statistics and information can be found through the Ohio Statistics and Analytics for Traffic Safety (OSTATS) crash dashboard.

    An article shares a statement from Governor DeWine: “Right now, cars are safer than ever thanks to enhanced vehicle technology, but the roads are still as dangerous as ever because many drivers are increasingly distracted by cell phones. Last year was the deadliest year on Ohio’s roads in more than a decade, and distracted driving most certainly played a role. This new dashboard will help keep the public informed about this serious public safety issue.”

    What is Considered Distracted Driving?

    As defined by the OSHP, distracted driving is “engaging in any activity that is not necessary to the operation of a vehicle and impairs, or reasonably would be expected to impair, the ability of the operator to drive the vehicle safely”.

    Types of Distraction:

    Visual – anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off the road
    Manual – anything that takes one or both hands off the wheel
    Cognitive – anything that takes your mind off the road

    Examples of Distracted Driving:

    • Texting*
    • Adjusting the climate control
    • Drinking any beverage
    • Having your earbuds in
    • Eating
    • Applying makeup or grooming yourself
    • Distractions from kids or other passengers
    • Pets in the car
    • Talking on the phone
    • Adjusting your GPS
    • Playing with your radio
    • Reaching for your wallet
    • Daydreaming
    • Smoking

    *Texting is extremely dangerous because it incorporates all three types of distraction.

    Know the Rules while Driving

    In Ohio, it’s illegal to text and drive for everyone. Adults can talk on a cellphone or use a hands-free device. If you’re 17 years of age or younger, you cannot use an electronic wireless communication device at all.

    Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving:

    • Turn off or silence your cellphone while driving and leave it out of sight or reach.
    • Secure loose objects that may be in your vehicle to prevent them from rolling around.
    • Properly secure children and restrain pets. If you must assist them, stop and safely pull over.
    • Before you begin your drive, plug in your destination to your GPS.
    • Set the radio station or create playlists before driving.
    • Avoid eating or drinking while driving.
    • Perform all grooming at home.
    • Never drive drowsy.

    For more information, view the OSHP’s Distracted Driving Pamphlet.

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