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Bedsores in Ohio Nursing Homes

Bedsores in Ohio Nursing Homes

Imagine your loved one living in a nursing home. Of course, you hope they are receiving the care and support they need. But what if, due to a lack of proper attention, they develop painful wounds known as bedsores?

Ways to Report Nursing Home Neglect in Ohio

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How Do I Report Nursing Home Neglect in Ohio? Nursing homes and assisted living facilities exist to help and protect those who cannot fully care for themselves. When trust is broken and an incident occurs in a facility that is supposed to be protecting its patients, it can be both heartbreaking and illegal. Nursing home […]

Hospital Neglect Increases as Patients Are Found Dead in Bed

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Cases of Hospital Neglect are Increasing as More Seemingly Healthy Patients Are Suffering Serious Injury and Death A recent Cleveland News Channel 5 Investigation detailed the “Dead in Bed” phenomenon, where otherwise healthy patients who have undergone successful surgery and who are recovering in their own rooms suffer serious injury or die unexpectedly. What is Causing this […]

Prosecutions of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Ramp Up

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Justice Department is Cracking Down on Nursing Home Abuse Traditionally, cases of nursing home abuse and neglect have been handled as administrative or civil matters. For instance, Ohio state regulators may take action against a nursing facility providing substandard care. Individual residents, or their family members, can also file civil lawsuits seeking monetary damages. But there are […]

New Legislation Allows Video Monitoring in Nursing Homes

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New Legislation to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse The Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act went into effect on Aug. 28, 2020. The law allows nursing home residents or their legal representatives to install cameras in patients’ rooms. David Terry, an attorney who practices personal injury law in St. Louis, said the law is […]

Ohio’s Nursing Homes Among the Worst in the Country

senior citizen crying reported that Ohio’s nursing homes are among the nation’s lowest-rated in quality of care. Choosing to enter a loved one into care at a nursing home is never an easy decision. Making the choice is hard on both the individual and their families. Many times, choosing a nursing home is also difficult. The location, […]

What to Do If Your Loved One Has Scabies in a Nursing Home

What to Do If Your Loved One Has Scabies in a Nursing Home

Deciding to move a loved one into a nursing home is always difficult. It requires you and your family to place immense trust in the facility’s hands. Unfortunately, many nursing homes in Ohio fall short of fulfilling their responsibilities. At Tittle & Perlmuter, we witness the devastating consequences of nursing home neglect. The presence of […]

Biden Administration Announces New Nursing Home Reforms

In the past two years, more than 200,000 nursing home residents and staff have died from COVID-19, which accounts for almost a quarter of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States. Nursing Home Safety is a Serious Issue The White House recently announced a new set of nursing home reforms that will “improve the safety […]