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Accidental Drownings and Child Safety

Children swimming

Summer Safety is Important

Summer is in full swing. That means there are a lot of families swimming in personal or neighborhood pools cooling off from the summer heat. With all of the swimming going on this time of year, it is important to remember safety when enjoying the water. Drownings are the number one cause of accidental deaths for young children in the United States. Take the Pool Safely Pledge to avoid pool accidents this summer.

Pool Safely: Take the Pledge

Pool Safely: Simple Steps to Save Lives  is a national public education campaign to help reduce childhood drownings and underwater injuries. Pool Safely is a provision from the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, a federal legislation that requires all pools and spas to implement safety measures to prevent drownings, injuries, and pool accidents. This law was enacted by George W. Bush in 2007. If you want to get involved with Pool Safely, visit their website here and sign the pledge. We took the pledge and we encourage you to take the pledge as well.
Let’s review some critical water safety tips outlined in the Pool Safely campaign. 

Always have an adult water watcher to watch kids in and out of the pool. Resist the urge to be on your phone while kids are engaged in swimming activities. Instagram can wait until after everyone is out of the pool.

Install a fence surrounding the pool. Have the fence be at least 4 feet high. The fence should be impossible for young children to climb. Self-closing and latching doors are also a must to prevent young children from entering without supervision. 

Pool & Spa Covers
When a pool or spa is not in use always cover it. Having a cover that can support small children will save lives and prevent pool accidents. If you have an above ground pool always remove the ladders into them to prevent children from climbing in. 

Having a pool safety alarm in place can help save your child from drowning. There are many alarm systems out there to help warn you if a child has entered the pool. Here are some examples of alarms that can help warn if a child is entering the pool unsupervised:

  • Alarms on a house door or pool gate that lead to the pool
  • Surface wave and underwater alarms in the pool that warn if someone has fallen in
  • A wristwatch alarm for your children that will inform you if they have fallen into the pool.

This is not a comprehensive list and there may be an alarm system that may work better for your needs. 


Safety Drain Covers
Always be aware of drain covers. Make sure that the pool you are using or visiting has them. Public pools are required by law to have covers over all drains and skimmers. 

Swimming Lessons 
Drownings are 8 times more likely to happen to kids who can’t swim. Enroll your kids in swimming lessons and have the instructor teach age-appropriate water safety skills. There are many community organizations that offer swimming lessons. 

Learn CPR 
Learning CPR can save your child’s life. You can take a CPR class from the American Red Cross or other local organizations that offer a class in your community.  

Speak with a Ohio Pool Accident Attorney

Having a child drown is a terrible tragedy that profoundly affects your family and friends. If you or someone you know has had a child drown in a pool, hot tub, lake, river or anywhere else, you may reach out to a personal injury lawyer to review the facts for your case.