Slipping on wet concrete or tripping over a broken stair is relatively common. Most of the time, people who stumble can pick themselves up and continue with their day. However, some of these falls result in devastating injuries that can have long-term and disastrous effects on a person’s life.

If you are suffering the effects of a bad fall, you should consider reaching out to a dedicated injury attorney. If somebody else’s actions led to your fall, that person might bear legal liability for the costs of your injuries in a lawsuit. A Lakewood slip and fall lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your case and fight for compensation on your behalf.

Steps to Take After a Bad Fall

After a serious tripping accident, it is critical that an injured party take the correct steps to protect his or her health and legal options. The following are some of the essential steps to take after sustaining an injury:

Seek Medical Treatment

Anyone who experiences a bad fall should have a medical professional evaluate and treat him or her as soon as possible after the accident. Even if the party does not have any immediately apparent injuries, some effects from a bad fall, such as concussions, brain bleeds, internal organ damage, and soft tissue injuries, can cause many health problems later on.

Report the Tripping Accident

If the injury occurred away from home, the individual should be sure to report what happened to the right person, such as a retail store manager, restaurant manager, property supervisor, or landlord. If there is a written incident or injury report, the injured party should also ensure that he or she obtains a full copy.

Keep Track of Potential Evidence

A claimant should ask eyewitnesses for their contact information and keep track of all medical expenses, his or her proof of lost wages, and other losses. However, injured parties should never discuss the potential claim with anyone in a manner that may undermine the seriousness of the injury or even point the blame at themselves.

Do Not Accept Initial Settlements

Insurance companies are concerned about their bottom line, so offering a generous initial settlement is not in their best interests. An injured party should always meet with a hardworking attorney in Lakewood who can fight on his or her behalf to get a fair amount of financial recovery after a severe trip or fall.

What a Claimant Needs to Prove in a Fall Injury Lawsuit

Slip and fall injury lawsuits generally fall under premises liability claims. The claims are against property owners, landlords, managers, or occupiers. To prevail, first, the individual must show that the property owner owed them a duty of care for their safety and protection. Then, the individual must demonstrate that the property owner knew or should have known about a hazard on the property, such as ice on the front steps or spilled water in a grocery store aisle, but failed to remove the threat or warn people of it.

Next, the injured party must prove that the hazard caused him or her to slip and fall. Finally, a local lawyer and the party must show proof that the injury was a result of the accident. This may seem overwhelming, but attorneys in Lakewood have extensive experience investigating, analyzing, and proving a wide variety of slip and fall claims.

Call a Lakewood Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Today

A simple fall can cause extensive trauma to your life, but it does not have to ruin it. If you were injured by a property owner’s negligence, you deserve to fight to hold that party responsible with a legal advocate. A Lakewood slip and fall lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve to rebuild your life. Contact Tittle & Perlmuter today for a private consultation. We are standing by.

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