When you go to the grocery store to pick up food for dinner, you should not have to worry that you will be injured while there. Guests, visitors, and customers should have the right to expect that the properties that they visit are safe, yet that is not always the case.

If you recently sustained an injury while on another person’s property, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit with the help of a well-versed injury attorney. A Lakewood premises liability lawyer can explain your legal options and help you pursue a claim for damages.

How Premises Liability Suits Work

Property owners, landlords, property managers, and business owners have a duty to keep their homes or businesses safe for people who enter to visit, shop, or conduct business. While all accidents cannot be prevented, property owners must keep their properties reasonably safe.

Owners should perform routine property inspections to check for new hazards and then promptly remove those hazards or warn people of the potential risks. For example, a grocery store manager should frequently check his or her store for any dangerous conditions. If he or she finds a spill in an aisle, the manager should have the spill cleaned up or have a sign up to warn customers.

If an injured party suspects that the property owner was aware of the hazard or that he or she should have been aware of that risk, the claimant may have a strong premises liability claim. A skilled lawyer can investigate the liability claim by meeting with eyewitnesses and talk with people familiar with the Lakewood premises to see how long the unreasonable condition was in place.

Causes of Premises Liability Accidents in Lakewood

There are countless ways visitors can sustain injuries on other people’s properties. Most commonly, premises liability claims involve the following:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

When property owners fail to remove hazards, such as wet floors, icy entryways, broken overhead lights, broken handrails or stairs, or even potholes in the parking lot, or properly mark them as hazardous, people can suffer grievous injuries in falling accidents.

Criminal Attacks

If a property owner provides inadequate security or inputs poor lighting on the property, his or her visitors and customers could be at risk of criminal activity, such as theft or assault. Under these circumstances, the property owner may be held liable for the individual’s injuries.

Falling Objects

If unstable stands or shelves fall on customers or employees on a property, they might have grounds to file a lawsuit against the negligent parties. Property owners need to check the safety of their products and buildings, but they should also display warnings about possible falling objects and provide safety protections, such as hard hats to construction site visitors.

Seasoned attorneys in Lakewood have had success helping with a wide variety of premises liability claims and are available to fight aggressively on an injured party’s behalf. After investigating the accident, dedicated representation can bring in experts and negotiate with insurance companies as necessary to get the injured party the recovery he or she deserves.

Reach Out to a Lakewood Premises Liability Attorney Today

If you sustained serious injuries while at someone else’s house or place of business, you should not have to pay for his or her mistake. You may be eligible for financial compensation, but you should not wait to pursue your claim.

Consider letting a member of the Tittle & Perlmuter firm assist you. A Lakewood premises liability lawyer can analyze your case and preserve your rights through the process.

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