Cycling is a fun leisure activity and a great way to stay in shape. However, when bikes need to share the roads with cars, crashes often occur.

If a negligent motorist struck you while you were cycling, you may not know what steps to take next. Luckily, a Lakewood bicycle accident lawyer can answer your questions and fight for your legal interests. Filing an injury claim for financial recovery with a committed injury attorney can better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Frequent Causes of Bike Crashes

Sadly, there have been more bike crashes in recent years. Some bike accidents happen because of poor road conditions, such as potholes, construction zones, or a lack of designated bike lanes. Bad weather can also lead to bike crashes if the cyclist has poor visibility or is on a slippery road.

Unfortunately, however, many bike wrecks occur because of negligent drivers who collide with cyclists on the road or at an intersection. Other factors that often cause collisions include:


When motorists speed, they have less time to react or stop in the event of an emergency. Additionally, cars that are traveling faster can cause even more damage if they hit a cyclist.

Distracted Driving

When motorists are distracted by anything that diverts their attention away from the road and their driving duties, such as their phones, radio, food, or even talking to their passengers, they risk hitting a pedestrian, a cyclist, and other vehicles around them.

Failure to Yield or Stop

Negligent motorists who speed through intersections without checking the area for cyclists can cause severe accidents that bring catastrophic harm, if not death, to whoever they hit.

If an injured claimant suspects that the driver who hit him or her was driving carelessly, the party should meet with a seasoned local attorney as soon as possible. A Lakewood team of dedicated lawyers could review the evidence from the bike crash to determine if the driver was at fault.

What if the Cyclist Shares the Blame for the Crash?

Sometimes, more than one person bears legal liability for a bike crash. This could happen if the cyclist were not obeying all of the rules of the road, such as if he or she was weaving in and out of car traffic or was remaining in a vehicle’s blind spot. Fortunately, in Ohio, shared blame does not bar the injured party from recovering damages.

The state operates with a modified comparative negligence standard. Essentially, a cyclist could still recover damages even if he or she contributed to the accident, as long as the party was not more than 50 percent responsible for causing the accident.

Hardworking attorneys at the firm have experience helping injured cyclists after a wreck fight Lakewood insurance companies and motorists who try to shift the blame. A skilled legal advocate is available to fight for a cyclist’s rights to get the greatest possible compensation.

Let a Lakewood Bicycle Accident Attorney Help You Today

Bike accidents can cause devastating physical injuries, as cyclists lack the safety protections necessary to shield or buffer them in the event of a crash. These accidents can also cause immense emotional trauma to you and your loved ones as you learn to cope with your physical pain and limitations.

Let a Lakewood bicycle accident lawyer handle your legal case and work toward a fair settlement so you do not have to contend with financial harm. A compassionate professional at Tittle & Perlmuter is waiting for your call.

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