It can be challenging to determine blame for front-end car accidents in Lakewood. Many of these collisions occur in intersections where it is unclear who had the right of way. Others take place in contained areas with less defined road rules, such as parking lots. Despite the confusion that may follow a head-on collision, every wreck is someone’s fault, and the person responsible for a crash must provide total compensation to cover a victim’s losses.

An experienced car accident lawyer could help you to pursue insurance settlements and court verdicts following front-end car crashes. A legal representative can work to thoroughly investigate the reason for a wreck, determine how it has impacted your life, and demand that all liable parties provide the payments needed to set things right.

Investigating the Cause of a Front-End Crash

Head-on car collisions describe any incident where a person endures impact to the front of his or her vehicle. An attorney will evaluate a case from the perspective of an individual. As a result, they work to show that a wreck was another’s fault regardless of a person’s exact position on the road.

State law states that every collision is someone’s fault. Proving that another was solely to blame is the primary goal of a legal representative. They can gather a collection of evidence that helps to demonstrate this point, such as:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Camera footage from dashcams or traffic surveillance
  • Photos from a scene

Showing that another driver’s negligence was the source of an incident is a central element of auto wreck claims. This applies regardless of where a vehicle was at the time of impact. If another driver was reckless or careless, that driver could be responsible for all resulting damage.

An important concept is modified comparative negligence under Ohio Revised Code §2315.33. This indicates that a court must examine the actions of all parties in a crash and assign fault. An attorney in Lakewood fights to show that another driver was entirely to blame for a front-end vehicle collision.

Compensation for those Injured in a Head-On Wreck

Many victims in Lakewood seek out monetary payments after front-end car wrecks. People can use these payments to cover medical bills, make up for lost wages, pay for property damage, and even bring comfort in the face of reductions in quality of life.

Making an accurate measurement of these losses and demanding fair payments is another way a lawyer can help following a head-on collision. Legal counsel can work to obtain medical records and bills that speak to the extent of a person’s physical injuries. They also strive to understand the less tangible ways an incident has changed a person’s quality of life and overall happiness. Armed with this information, a dedicated attorney can demand reckless drivers and his or her insurance company provide the payments an individual needs to recover fully.

Hiring an Attorney After Front-End Car Accidents in Lakewood Can Help Protect Your Legal Rights

All drivers have an obligation to protect others on the road. This includes obeying traffic laws and operating a vehicle carefully. Even so, this does not stop front-end car accidents in Lakewood from occurring. These events can impact your physical health, emotional well-being, and finances.

Consult with an attorney today to see how they are ready to pursue your case on your behalf. Our lawyers can fight to bring you the full compensation you deserve while protecting your claim from aggressive insurance companies. Call Tittle & Perlmuter now to learn more.

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