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From the toys you give your children to implanted medical devices, you trust that consumer products are safe. Sadly, this is not always the case. Every year, dangerous products cause millions of injuries and thousands of deaths. If you or a loved one have been injured in this way, a Sandusky defective products lawyer is here to help.

Our skilled attorneys know how to take on manufacturers, distributors, and other corporate entities responsible for selling defective products. Let us evaluate your claim and advocate for your legal rights.

Potentially Defective Consumer Products on the Market

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) oversees all complaints and issues regarding defective products. The CPSC issues detailed reports about the number of injuries or deaths caused by dangerous or faulty products. The CPSC also requires that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers immediately report any defective products that may create a substantial risk of injury to consumers or an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death. This commission is responsible for the consumer recall of dangerous products.

There is a long list of products causing injuries to consumers, from pharmaceuticals to children’s toys. A person could encounter defective products in their own home, such as home maintenance tools or kitchen fixtures. Children in particular are vulnerable to dangerous or defective products, from public playgrounds to Halloween costumes to baby toys.

Manufacturers must design and sell safe products, but often rush them to market without proper safeguards. Sandusky attorneys specializing in dangerous products understand how goods and equipment can cause severe injury, and how to hold the negligent parties accountable.

Different Kinds of Defective Product Cases

Courts refer to dangerous product cases as product liability lawsuits. The injured party (the plaintiff) and their attorney must prove that the product had an unreasonably dangerous defect that caused the injury while the consumer used the product as intended. The plaintiff’s lawyer must show that no one substantially changed the product or terms of operation from the time of sale. Therefore, it is important to note that aside from exceptional circumstances, a consumer has the burden of proving that they were using the product appropriately and had not modified it in such a way that it became defective.

There are three categories of defective goods that a seasoned dangerous products lawyer would use in establishing responsibility:

  • Design defects showing an inherent flaw, such as toys that are choking hazards
  • Manufacturing defects, like improper installation or attachment of parts
  • Marketing defects, which most often involve a failure to adequately warn of danger

Product liability cases are complex and often require experts to prove the existence of a dangerous defect. Consumers are not required to bear the burden of a manufacturer’s failure to create and sell a safe product. An experienced Sandusky dangerous products attorney provides the guidance necessary to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Types of Damages Available Following an Accident

Once the plaintiff’s dangerous products attorney establishes liability, they must prove that the injured claimant suffered damages in order to receive compensation. Damages include the direct and consequential financial losses someone experiences from an injury. Compensation might include such things as medical bills, lost income (past and future), pain and suffering, and other emotional distress. Serious injuries may result in an individual’s inability to work again or different kinds of permanent or debilitating conditions.

In the case of a death, compensatory damages are somewhat different and may include the earnings the deceased may have made to support their family. A wrongful death lawsuit may also claim damages for funeral expenses, loss of benefits like health insurance, and loss of a loved one’s services or companionship.

Reach Out to a Sandusky Defective Products Lawyer for Help Today

Even a tiny error in the manufacturing of a household product can have potentially devastating effects if it is not caught and corrected. As an injured consumer, it is easy to be intimidated by big manufacturers and their insurance companies. Tittle & Perlmuter’s team of experienced attorneys could advocate for you and help you seek the compensation you need. Call a Sandusky defective products lawyer today to get the help you need.

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